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Which grade should I teach?

You Should Teach First Grade
You are encouraging and easygoing. You don't mind answering the same questions from kids over and over. (Hahaha!! Yea that's true, just like how I wont get irritated when answering the same questions that the tourists ask when I'm working lol "How do I get to the Merlion entrance?", "Where is the exit?" )
You are also very detail oriented. You're a stickler for proper punctuation and grammar. (Haha yes!! Which is why I try my very best to make sure my English is correct whenever I translate songs or sub videos lol )

While you run a tight ship, you still know how to have fun with learning. ( Haha I guess? I always have a lot of fun in class, except for those times when I am sleeping LOL)
You are good at motivating and inspiring others, especially kids! (Ah so? LOL That will be for others to decide ^^ )
What Grade Should You Teach?

Ok I know I know, I haven't started on my assignment yet
But seeing BambooBranch doing this,
It makes me want to do it too!! T___T
It's been a long time since I last did something like that too~

Ok I know I have already posted this in Livejournal,
But still, I think more people will read it here
And if I post on both sides even more people will read it right?
So I want to declare
BambooBranch I love you!! LOL
I know life's quite the bitch nowadays
And things have been quite tough ehs?
Yoku wakanai kedo
Ai wa POWER dayo!!!

So I can't help much,
And there's nothing much I can do,
So I shall shower you with love
And of course more download links
Hope your stomach gets better soon~
And may more good luck come your way too
*sacrifices a bit of my good luck with Kochan and give them to you*

Ahhhh I might regret this later but who cares
I shall give it to you now before I change my mind
*no no evil Yuanshan stop struggling!!*
Hahaha ok I know that's very lame T____T
But all in all,
Gambatte ne!!!
Minna mou gambarimasu kara!! ^^

Ok sorry for not replying to tags and keep spamming updates
Cus it's easier to update than to reply tags hahahah!!
Since I just type what is in my brain
Which hence also makes everything sound so idiotic
Ok assignment is slapping me now
I got to go~~

On another side note,
School was cancelled today, and posted to tomorrow,
So I have no school today but double lessons tomorrow
Hence I decided to go and work
Wonders if I made the right decision
Because when I'm home I am so worn out LOL
With assignments piling up
But I'll be getting my pay soon I think
So it's alright! ^^

Yuanshan continue to hang in there!!
You know you will be rewarded with more KinKi/Kochan in time to come ^^
Sorry if all these sounds so fake
But I guess this is the only way I can continue to motivate myself without breaking down =)
And I am not faking it too~
I am tired but I know I will continue to put in my best
Even when I don't feel like going school or doing my assignment
Subbing projects have been piling up, I hope I can clear at least 1 tomorrow during my 4 hour break

PS: I just went to look at myself in the mirror just now,
Ok la I admit I look quite long since the mirror is just on my desk
I just love looking at myself in the mirror don't ask me why
Call me narcissistic I don't care, shall talk about that the next time
But yeaa the main point is
After staring at myself in the mirror for so long,
I didnt realize it,
Until I put the mirror down and looked at it again
My dark rings are getting obviously obvious
I guess I really do lack sleep
And somehow I can't help it
But whenever I see the dark rings around my eyes,
I get reminded of Kochan without make up LOL
Really really look like him sia LOL
Not the face la of course lol
Maaa at least it makes me feel a little better
Even though I look so ugly with the dark rings
I already have scary eyes so having dark rings make me have scarier eyes T___T
So sorry this ended up being a very long ps~ T___T

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