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Fantastic news!??!

Woke up this morning to see that Fluffy has updated her blog,
Saying that at Koichi's concert at Yokohama,
He announced at on his final live, which will be held on 12th Oct,
Which is tomorrow~
There will be fantastic news!!

Ahhhhhh omgomgomg
I know everyone is like hoping for a new KinKi Album,
Or that KinKi will be having a concert tour at the end of this year~
But for me~
I don't really want to think so much yet,
Since it's just tomorrow I guess I can just wait for another 24 hours for the announcement,
I have work tomorrow anyways so I most prob will only know the news until at night when I reach home hahaha

But well,
It makes me happier to know that there's gonna be fantastic news ^^
Kochan I love you =DDD

Ok random~ haha
Since I havent posted pictures in a looooooong loooooooong time~
I shall share a KinKi Kids postcard that Emaine has given me,
Along with other bunch of stuffs hehehe


At this point of time I'm sure everyone's focus has shifted from Koichi to Tsuyoshi right!!
I don't blame you =DD
And oh my this is my ugly ugly Koichi
But somehow now when I look back at this,
I realized that even though his hair sucks,
His face still looks very cute LOLOLOL *looks at 2nd picture*
Tsuyo is just hot hot hot omg
And the 1st picture omg I love Koichi's neck HAHAHA

Ok I'm going off to prepare for work now~~ Haha
On a happier note,
Next week I will have 30 hours (or more) of work~
Which means Yay~~~
More money for me!!!!!! ^^

And Vanilla~ if you are reading this~
Are you alright?
Have you been well?
Haven't heard from you for quite some time,
I'm not rushing you to reply my mails,
Just that I havent seen you updating your blog as well,
And was kind of thinking, hoping that you're coping fine with life~
*hugs* ^^

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blogged @ Sunday, October 11, 2009 9:10:00 AM

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