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Happy happy and ANGRY~

Wee had class outing with my JC friends today~~
I don't really know how to feel about the outing la~
Wasnt as fun as I had expected
But it was pleasant =))

Bought my Only Star today~~ =DD
Wanted to buy Potato but apparently it's sold out already =(
Have to wait for the next shipment hahaha

After that reached home and
Argh I need to say it out here~~
Seriously I've had enough ok!
I dont even understand why are some people so selfish~
You don't come here and keep asking me for things
Ok I understand that you want them because you don't have them
But what makes you think that you are even entitled to have them,
Or even expect me to give it to you
When you havent even been good friend to me

Have you even talked to me and asked me how am I?
Have you even bother to talk to me just for a random chat?
When I talk to you all you do is give slow replies and random chats
Then when you want something and when I reply slow
You say "You there?"
Oh so you are impatient now?!?!
Nice one but sorry life doesnt work that way~

I've had enough of you
Everytime you talk to me its always because you want something from me
How can people be such idiots?!
I really hate it when people talk to me just for benefits
When you dont even try to be nice or be a friend
Why should I even give them to you??
Or even be nice to you??
Seriously I've had enough of you already~~

I havent talked to you about this yet,
And I don't want to mention your name here too because I know that you will read this
Yes I know I sound like a coward but
Trust me,
Do that one more time and I'm exploding on you =)
If you think that it's you, it's probably you
Search your conscience and you'll know
Don't worry it's no one from Singapore,
And BambooBranch Gally and Vanilla it's not you either =))

Ok I am sooo pissed~!!
But still I'll just cheer myself up with more Koichi~~ =DD
These are the scans from Only Star that I bought today~
And yes omg I am sooo tired already but it just feels wrong if I don't put them here today~
So there you go~~


Koichi's concert~~


A scene from Deep In Your Heart,
And I can totally remember which part this is from LOL
I love that angry face too hehehehe


And sooooo many words!!!!
Hopefully one day I will have the patience to slowly read and decipher them LOL


A very cute picture shown in the content page hehehe


Weeeee KinKi Kids' latest single Swan Song is projected to be no. 1 on the coming Oricon charts!!! =DD
Let's wait till end of this month to see if it will come true hehehe
Like Duh, they are KinKi Kids LOL


Koichi in F1 Grand Prix!!!
See how happy he looks~~ HAHAHA


Many many moments of happiness for Koichi~
Can't see clearly??
Scroll down ^^
Ultimate cuteness ahead hehehe


Apparently he met someone famous and he's feeling shy as he shook hands with him hehehe


Otaku desu!!!
Hahaha he's saying that he's a big big fan~~ LOLOLOL


Talking about F1~~


Doki Doki~ (Heart pumping fast)
Kochan that's how I'm like when I see you smile you know you know!!!


Hai!! Hehe he wants to answer question LOLOL
Look at the smile he has HAHAHAHA


More words~~
Uwaaaaaa this is killing me T______T


And this is killing me too~~ T____T


Please Kochan even though it suits you but I miss your straight hair T___T


I'm happy~~ HAHAHAHA
I love seeing Kochan's happy face when he talks about F1~ Hahaha

I cannot understand why would people want to cut him off when he talks about F1!!
I would totally listen to everything he has to say,
Even though I am not a fan and probably wouldnt be interested
But I will still definitely listen to them~~
Cus who can ever say no to such a lovely face LOLOL

Speaking of which~
I wonder if it's just me,
Or is it the people around me
I really am starting to think that people around me don't like me T____T
Because everytime when I start talking,
Whether is it KinKi related or not,
And one of the things I really hate is to be interrupted when I'm speaking

I understand that it's inevitable to get cut off when you are speaking
But at least for me,
When that happens to someone who is speaking, and if I'm there,
I will get back to the person and say
"Oh you were saying?" even if the person isn't actually talking to me
But apparently that's not the case for me!
Every single time I get cut off,
I let them talk, (whoever it is)
And when everything stops,
No one bother to get back to my topic
And when I continued talking again,
I get cut off again

Seriously is it because they don't like to hear what I want to say?
Bear in mind that my conversations are not KinKi related
If it's KinKi related I can still understand
People are not interested
I get it
But sometimes it's just my opinion, or even just joining in the conversation
And it happens really really often you know~
To a certain extent whereby I just cant be bothered to speak anymore

I guess that's why I've been so quiet lately
Or in such a bad mood

Ok whatever enough about all that~
Like what I said in my livejournal,
Why Why WHY is it sooo unfair that
Tsuyoshi gets to appear in SOOOO MANY MAGAZINES
And there are SOOOOOO many concert reports of his Solo concert
Even though it is running like since early this year?!?!
Like hello~~
His concert hasnt even ended yet
And he has been on Songs magazines like 3 times!
One of them being on cover~
And there are probably more others,
Just that I cant be bothered to remember them

Everyone keeps saying san nen buri san nen buri (its been 3 years) to Koichi's solo release
And if you know that it's san nen buri then
I know I'm tired,
And I'm being KO but what the hell!
At least be more fair right!!!
Now the more I think about it the more pissed I am man
Its like since August until now,
I've been waiting waiting waiting,
Everytime I see Koichi appearing in Only Star I always thought it would be the concert report,
But no it isnt..

Wouldnt you be more interested in a concert that happened once after 3 years??
That one that has been going on for almost every year????
People are weird I tell you
Apparently God (or Koichi) heard my frustrations..
Because as I am flipping this week's issue of Only Star,
I saw the preview of Next week's issue of Only Star,
And this is what I saw:


Koichi will be appearing in next week's issue of Only Star's Book in Book!!!
Which means there will be a mini book of Koichi's concert reports!!!!
I am super super super happy when I saw that~
But seriously,

After I cooled down,
I can't help but feel that
Yes Yuanshan, this is all that youre going to get,
For Koichi's concert reports
That 2 pages from this week's Only Star,
And next week's Book in Book~
So just be a good girl and wait for the release of the DVD~

It really sucks la~~
And I hear a lot of comments saying that Koichi doesnt really want to do BPM this time,
And hence the concert is not that good~
And frankly speaking,
Hearing the concert mp3s, and seeing the pictures,
I do agree that it wasnt as good as Mirror Concert,
But now that I even think about it,
I realized that 1/2 concert, Mirror Concert and BPM concert,
Each of them has something special behind it..

1/2 concert is the 1st solo concert that Koichi had,
And from this concert you can still see traces of KinKi within the concert, even though it's Koichi's solo concert
You can also tell that doing this for the 1st time,
He is nervous, and is also very touched to see such a great response of this concert..

For Mirror concert, this is the 1st solo Album that he has,
And from this concert, it's after the start of Endless SHOCK,
Hence he included a few of the tracks from Endless SHOCK..
And since it's the 1st solo Album concert that he has,
It is no doubt the best performance being showcased
The lighting, the costumes, the song list,
Everything is just perfect..
To me it's like the perfect concert

For BPM, Best Performance and Music,
I feel that there is a reason why it's being called BPM
I might be wrong, but that's just how I feel about it
It's being called BPM even though I didnt feel that it's as good as Mirror,
But in this concert, you can totally tell that Koichi is being very comfortable now
He jokes with the fans,
He interacts with his fans,
He showed a little part of his personal life and also his younger days photos
He even brought PAN on to the stage..
To me this concert is BPM is because for this concert,
Koichi is being closer to the fans, more personal..
Its suddenly so hard for me to put them into words..
But well it's just connecting with the fans now on a personal level..

So yes I somehow feel that BPM is a very special concert~
Next year there will be a new album, and another concert~
And how I wish I can go T______T
Let's just see when the concert will be and how much I have saved =))

This is a very short report on Koichi's concert,
You can see the 2 songs from his latest single,
Ayakashi and Awaken Yourself
There are also the young photos of Koichi during one of the songs hahaha

He also talked about it being 3 years since his last concert,
And looking at the schedule of his concert,
It seems to be quite packed (I think?)
He also said that he performed 10 shows in 6 days HAHAHA
He said "Isn't it weird?? Considering my age" HAHAHA (He's 30 =XX)

And over there you can see him talking about PAN,
Saying why is it that he loves PAN so much,
It's because at home, no matter where he goes,
PAN will always follow him around
And you guys know how small PAN is,
Besides Koichi said that the corridor of his house is 130m long!!
My whole house is not even 100m ok!! LOLOL
And after saying all that,
Koichi said "ahhhh, what a life that's filled with happiness"

Hahah omg I totally love him when he starts talking about PAN
Hahaha yasashii~~~ T____T
Ok enjoy the short video =DD

PS: HAHAHA love him love him love him =DDD

Ok I have an interview tmr,
So I'm going off to sleep now~~
Another hectic week starts tomorrow =))

Dammit Yoru no Umi is playing now~~~
After the song ends I guess =X

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