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Dear Sarah  Lee,

Thank you for shopping at CDJapan.

We shipped your order today.

Shipping Address:
Shipping Method: Registered Air Mail

On average, it takes 4-12 days for
delivery for this shipping method.

Please sign in to Customer Account
to view order details.

Thank you, and we look forward to the
opportunity to serve you again.

Wooooo~~~ OMGOMGOMGOMG so it will reach about fri?
Or maybe next week WOOT WOOT WOOT~!
And guess what? I went to collect my parcel today and yes yes YES!
I received my G Concert and Font de Anniversay Pamphlet, AND my Mirror Album Limited Edition today!!!!
But man~ Where is my Natsu Moyou poster?!?!?!

Hahahaha ok la I'm supposed to be studying so I'll just stop here~
I just wanna annouce that my CD is shipped hehehe
Swan Song still rocks, and I am still looping the single in my com =X
Hahahahaha ok will update again tonight after the pictures are done =DD
No scans for pamphlets sorry cus its too big and its hard cover~

And thanks Muku for your postcard!!
But sadly I dont understand the postcard at all~ T____T
The cat's hiragana is all over the place and I dont know the order of reading it argh!!
Will try to decipher it again muhahahaha~

OMG turns out that I actually read it the wrong way~
No wonder it doesnt make sense ~.~ (I was supposed to read it up to down and right to left but I read it left to right up to down ~.~)

PS: Talked to someone just now and well, I felt so sick hearing that after so long, you havent changed one bit. You know what? Any girl who is spending her life with you for the rest of her life is really the most unlucky girl in the world. I am glad that I used to be one of those girls but right now I am no longer bound by you. I really pity her and I know she might think it's ok now but guess what? It's because of guys like you that makes me feel that guys are jerks and the same and somehow they just wouldnt change. Because of that I am still staying single, and am enjoying it =)
Yes sorry to say that but I really think that you are a l.o.s.e.r. =)

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