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Haha today I didnt have work, and I had school
But I overslept, and a phone call came in
It was from my group members, saying that for one of our assignments,
I had forgotten to sign on the cover page!!
And I had to rush all the way to school,
And also risk getting a big fat zero just for a stupid mistake I made T___T
But luckily when I went down to school, the teacher only gave us a warning and all was well

After that I went home, watched Desperate Housewives,
And slept for awhile and woke up, bathe and go work haha
Ok not really go work,
But to attend this event called Spooktacular LOL
It's like a haunted house in the museum LOLOL
It was more of hilarious than funny though~ LOLOL
More about that later haha

So I reached Images of Singapore,
And when I went inside the storeroom, the guy who could fold clothes perfectly was working there today~
I suppose because my hair was very different as compared to when I was working,
(Since I had to pin up ALL of my fringe and tie up my hair)
When he saw me he gave me a stupid look ~.~ LOL
It was so stupid that the look is still stuck in my brain until now
Damm him lol

So yeaa we talked a bit and then when I went out,
I saw one of the t-shirts is in a mess,
So I went to pick it up and started folding it
Then he came out and was like
"Ehh, don't touch our clothes" LOL
Smack him ahh~ stupid guy~~
He's joking la of course..
Then I asked him "Eh, you fold clothes damm nice leh, can teach me anot?"
Then he replied "I fold clothes nice ah, of course la!!"
And laughed and walk away ~.~
What a jackass lolol

So after having dinner,
We waited outside, took a lot of pictures
And finally it's time to walk into the haunted museum LOL
I really got to say, a lot of effort was put in,
And the makeups and get up they were in was REALLY REALLY SCARY!!!
Like OMG
Hahahaha but I wasnt scared la~
I mean I was scared but when they appear that time they didnt scare me
At the start when we just started walking in,
A ghost appeared and at that time,
My colleague, this guy was supposed to be walking in front to "protect" us,
Literally fell flat on his butt when the ghost appeared
And the 2 girls behind him had to help him up HAHAHA

Like omg la and I was at the back laughing my ass off
Even though it was supposed to be scary LOLOL
Then I was holding my friend's hand throughout the whole walk ma,
At this point another ghost appeared again,
And the 2 girls (my colleagues) in front of us started screaming and started retreating~
Everything was soooo chaotic!
And my friend was pushed down and she fell!!
Even though I tried to pull her hand and prevent her from falling,
She still fell LOL
And the colleague in front of us suddenly went
Hahaha!! Funny like hell la omg HAHAHA

After that halfway through I got lost ~.~
I totally couldnt find my friends
But well, I just walked since there are quite a few other people around,
And I just walk slightly behind them so if there's anything that will pop up,
It will scare them 1st HAHAHAHA

After all that we went Siah Im coffeeshop for drinks~
And we went home
On the way home we started talking about the whole 'falling down' thing again and we just kept laughing like mad people inside the train HAHAHA

Ok so today I saw Koichi's concert video!!!!
I mean it was a report on this show called Zoom In,
And oh my god his concert looks GREAT!!
It's ahhhh~~
So Koichi HAHAHA
I so want a DVD of that!!
Kochan you hear me?!?!?!
DVD!!! DVD OK!!!! =DDD

And PAN went on stage!!!
I saw the pictures already omg!!
It's sooo cute la!! (Sorry no pictures because they are not mine and my photobucket is reaching limit and I no time to create new account yet)
Seeing Koichi behaving like a father taking care of the dog,
Hugging PAN on stage~
Playing with PAN
Kyaaa how can any girl no melt at such a scene!!

I am soo looking out for photos of that scene!!
Wanna buy them muhahahahaha
Ok it's getting late,
I wanna watch at least one episode of How I Met Your Mother before I actually sleep
Tomorrow full shift!!!!
930am to 830pm WOOOT~
Wonders if I will meet it

Think I am falling in soon~
It will do you more good to get it out of your head fast
Cmon by now you should know that they are all the same
And yes it's always the starting that seems nice
In the end it will all end up like how it does in the past
Despite knowing that,
I still cant help but feel a little sad,
That today might be the last time...

Oh man this is seriously killing me~~
Still, I had fun today~

LOL only BambooBranch knows what is going on~

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