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What a day~

It's late,
Wanted to just go straight to sleep,
But I felt that I just need to make a short entry before I sleep
While everything is still fresh

Had school in the morning,
Afterwards went to meet Emily and went to Pasir Ris together to meet Eliza
We're going to her house for Nabe hotpot dinner
Shopping in the supermarket with just the 3 of us is fun hehe
We totally couldnt find the items and just walked around like kukus LOL
But in the end we still managed to get what we need
Awhile later Eliza's friend Meiyan came and joined us
So we bought our stuffs and went to Eliza's house

While slacking I watched a few SDK episodes with Meiyan and Emily while Eliza was busy preparing the food =X
Haha afterwards only me and Emily remained in the room,
And we watched Endless SHOCK hehe
The amazing parts =X
And Yoru no Umi!!
We totally like the same stuffs hehehe it was awesome
Showed her half an episode of How I Met Your Mother also

After that Yanjun reached and we started our dinner
Dinner was surprisingly great haha
Eliza good job!! =X
Even though it was like blaaaack =X
And yes KinKi YOU TIME!!!!!

I gotta tell you,
It totally rocked rocked rocked!!
The dance the steps the music the singing
And Secret Code is love~~~ LOLOLOL
You guys know what I mean heh~~
(Bamboobranch don't worry uploading in process =) )

Ok more about the concert next time
I need to sleep
Anyways my main point is we ended up leaving quite late,
And Emily took a straight bus home,
While me and Yanjun took a bus to pasir ris station and we missed the stop!!
We tried walking back but in the end we failed
And Yanjun cabbed us all the way to the station!!
You guys know how broke I am now so I didnt want to get on actually cus I can't pay for it
But she say it's alright she'll pay for it..

But when we reached the station we missed the last train!
And we're like stranded at Pasir Ris!!
For those who don't know,
Pasir Ris is like at one end of Singapore, and I am living at the other end =)
After making several phone calls,
Yanjun said to cab to Clarke Quay and take the night rider bus home
This time I told her that I will split the cab fees with her,
But I will return her next time la, since I don't have money with me now
And she said its ok, and she kept insisting that it's fine

Still say that she's one year older than me so its fine and everything
Haii so I told her the next time when we meet again I am so treating her to something,
Or at least do something to return a favor la~~
Really I am serious
KinKi fans are really really nice people!!!
I am really so touched by all the nice gestures of the KinKi fans that I have met
Bamboobranch too, released a subbed PV of Anniversary just to cheer me up because I lost my wallet T_____T
Thanks girl~~
I really appreciate it!! T_____T

And Yanjun too~
Omg in case you don't know,
The cab fare was like $22 T____T
I can't be more thankful

Finally when the night rider came,
I was inside the bus and my dad said that he want to drive me home,
And let me know when I am alighting (because the bus doesnt stop directly outside my house, it's quite a distance away)
However 30mins before I was even supposed to reach,
He told me to drop off at another place, and he's already on the way to pick me up over there.
And hence he picked me up and drove me home..

The point is,
Recently I have really been bringing a lot of trouble to the people around me man T___T
My dad was watching his soccer match halfway
And he just left the house just to drive me home!!
And now his team seems to be losing T____T
Please God just let Man U win this match T___T
My dad so deserves to see them win T_____T

Anyways all in all I totally had a great time!!
It's nice meeting up with new KinKi fans,
And I totally enjoyed how we laughed at KinKi's aho-ness
Especially during Secret Code ahhhh~
And once again I'm gonna say it..


If you are a KinKi fan, *hugs!!!*
If you are not a KinKi fan but wants a hug, *hugs!!!*
Ok ciao~

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