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You know you work too much when~

You know you work too much when..

- You wake up in the morning and realized that last night you just dreamt about work, and it's not those random dreams it's about working in your dreams~
- You realized that you have been going to Sentosa every single day since last Sunday~
- Even the girl that works in Delifrance whom I didnt know initially recognize me now~
- Your body will automatically wake up in the morning even when you didn't hear your alarm clock ring..
- All you are worrying about in life is "shit what should I eat for lunch later, I hope the staff meal for today doesnt suck"
- You received your KinKi YOU DVD for almost 2 weeks already and you still havent watched Disc 2 and 4 yet
- You haven't watched the latest episodes of Shin Domoto Kyoudai even though Usami chan has translated the show already~~

But stilll~~~
I WANNA GO WORK!!! T___________T
What is wrong with me man!!
I'm sooo sad because I realized that I can no longer afford to buy my batch of magazines from this person, and I had to cancel my order, but still retaining my G Album and Kanashimi Blue Limited Edition order~
Ahhh this sucks~~
But well, it's just magazines =X

Yess this is how serious I am about not wanting to buy magazines anymore hahahha
I havent even bought my Potato for November yet!!
And I LOVE the scans for Popolo November but I AM NOT BUYING IT

Ok I am getting really really mad~~~ LOLOL
That's what happens when you have been working consecutively for sooooo many days~
*wonders what will happen in Nov when I get 2 jobs LOLOL*

Ok something simple to cheer me up =D
Thanks to Shattered Tenshi, I am able to enjoy these even though I didnt buy the magazine hehehe
And it's nice I tell you!! LOL


Weee my dear Kochan is smiling~
But oh man~~ he's getting old~ Look at the wrinkles~ HAHA
SMILE MORE!!! =DD Me likes ^^


Hehehe cute cute cute


LOL this looks cute too~~ Hahaha


Yay more smiles!!
Oh my goodness I am starting to feel that I should buy this magazine it's sooo cute!!
Slaps myself NO! Yuanshan you are NOT buying this magazine!


I am seriously regretting not buying this magazine omg T_____T


Uwaa kore mou kawaii~~ T___T
Am I too deprived of him nowadays??
Why does he look soo cute in every single picture?!?!


OH MY GOODNESS and he stares at me =X


Saigo no~ ^^
Still cute T_____T

Hahaha ok la it's 9am already~ (Yes that is how early I wake up~ I can wake up edit pictures find old links and blog a whole random entry before preparing for work and still not be late LOLOL)
Ok I'm signing off now~
Merlion here I come!!


Another reason why I love dance sooo much~
And wants to have the opportunity to dance more~~

This is from my sister's hiphop group NRA,
And they got 2nd in the world championship for hiphop I think??

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