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Did I mention I love KinKi Kids?


Hi erm I was just wondering don't I have to pay for the DVD? Oo
Since we won it
Or are you going to give that to me for free?? =DDD
HAHAHA joking~ ^^


how are ja? :)
ah you did not get invoice?
so im gonna sed invoice again ne?
ehehe for free? no way~~" XD

But well anyways I just paid for my Endless SHOCK DVD~
Costed me $100.79 T___T
But at least it saved me at least 50 bucks~
If I were to buy from HMV or CDJapan
So I guess it's worth it ^^
It's brand new unopened too! Hehe

But yeaa that's the last
I'm locking my card up!!! Grrrr
KinKi concert goods are super nice!!!

Hey you know what~
I have been listening to the previews of some songs from J Album,
And it's NICE!!!!!
Don't believe???
Click HERE!!!

I totally love the last song on that list!!
It's sooo beautiful~
And I can't wait to hear the full song!
And the rest of the songs are just as nice!!
Oh my KinKi this is the reason why I LOVE YOU!!!

Now after hearing the songs it makes me WANT TO GO TO THE CONCERT!
And dammit now I would want to get the concert goods T____T
Haii we shall see what are the goods~
Give me Parka please??? *puppy eyes*

Ok today is public holiday~
So work will be $8.50 per hour~
So yay~~ I'm off to bathe and go work! =DD
Will be overseas for the weekend~
So just to let you guys know, in case I fail to blog tonight hahaha

Alright cya!!! =DD

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blogged @ Friday, November 27, 2009 9:10:00 AM

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