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Endless SHOCK tickets sold out! T__T

UPDATE: Yay~ Had a little chat with Eliza and her friend Cecilia and seems like they are interested in going for Endless SHOCK too~~ Uwaaaa!
Now I will have to try even harder to save money so that this can really come true omg!!
And had a little chat just now hehe ^^
ありがとう~~~ ^^

Ahhhh Muku mailed me today and told me that Endless SHOCK tickets are sold out already!
That is freaking freaking fast!! LOLOL
Everyone wants to see Koichi roll down the stairs LOLOLOL

Ahhh well guess I'll have to ask Muku to help me find websites to bid for the tickets now~
I really really wanna go to the 31st July performances T___T
Anyone wanna follow me over??
So that I roughly know how many tickets I might need to get,
And also you guys can start saving up too~
Anyone? T____T
If you are interested in catching SHOCK do let me know ok?? =DD

Ahhhh and yesss my mind is still filled with SHOCK
I love how saying SHOCK always can mean something else =X
And argh I paid for Photobucket's Pro account already
I cant believe I did that..
Because now it made me want to pay for megaupload's premium account too!
Just so that I dont have to wait, and can download more than 1 files at a time
With faster download speed!

Anyone wanna share megaupload premium account with me? Oo
No?? Oo

Tomorrow will be the 1st paper
Workplace skills
Dammit as I am reading the lecture notes I dont even know how I can put those information to use
It's all soooooo common sense and argh~
Well I guess I'll have to work harder!!!

And yet I am still dreaming of this:

How beautiful~~

And this:

And I totally want to see this live!!

Alright off to study T____T
Workplace skills YOU! DIE!

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blogged @ Wednesday, November 4, 2009 3:14:00 PM

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