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Start of working life~~

Ahhhhhh hectic hectic hectic!!
Ok that was a lie~~~
Today rained sooooooo heavily that there's only like about 400+ people??
But I almost died LOL
Because all the new goods came in, and there are like sooooooooooo many t-shirts and new designs
And the storeroom has no room anymore!!!
The only room available is this small pathway to walk,
And I can't even walk through it lazily without accidentally bumping into the boxes

And since the new designs have to be put up,
I had to fold ALL OF THEM
There are a total of erm 100+??
Not to mention before that I folded another big pile of clothes when I started work too
So today is another clothes folding day LOLOL

But when my 2nd boss came back from lunch
She brought Magnum ice cream for us!!
Apparently some upper person bought for the retail staffs~
So yeaaa this is my ice cream!!! ^^
(Btw this is my 1st ever Magnum =X)

Holding the Magnum in my hand hehe

My Almond Magnum hehehe
It may not look like it, but omg ITS SOOOO NICE!!!
Hehehe this girl is easily satisfied ^^

After work I went down to the bikini pub with my colleagues for a drink
Cus it's my boss's birthday~ so just go for a casual celebration haha
I drank like 2 bottles of beer?
Ok la not 2 bottles la 1 and 3/4 hahahaha but omg
Never drank so much in my whole life
Before I went home I literally almost want to throw up
I even asked my friend to get me a plastic bag just in case
The feeling was like shit my face is red my eyes are red and my neck is red LOL
I sort of told God "Please don't let me throw up T___T'
And guess what? After I got off from the bus I totally felt alright!!!!
Isn't God amazing?????????
God I love you!!! ^^

Hahaha ok erm since it's like 1am now and I have Japanese class tomorrow~
Just share a few pictures that I wanted to share since last Sunday~ LOL

Vanilla~ not sure if you have seen it,
But this is where I work at ^^

Hehe the Merlion!!! ^^
Yes I work somewhere within that big white lion =DDD

And since there wasn't much guests that day~
I went to tidy up the clothes rack
And the end results~

Yes this girl is very proud of herself ^^


And also a clearer picture of my haircut~

Found it inside my phone when I was transferring pictures
Didn't realize that I took a photo of myself recently using the phone ~.~
My brain really needs help LOL
And yeaa can see a bit of my highlights
Too little bit
They were all slowly cut off when I cut my hair T_____T

Hahahahahahaha okokokokok
Last last last thingy before I go off~

But apparently it will cost me about $40-$50??
Should I buy it?!?!
I havent seen another one around already
And this is really a good price also
And I've always wanted a black hat,
And this has my beloved DK logo!!!!!!!

Should I?????????? T________T

HANDSOME!!!!!!! ^^
Love you boy =D

PS: I will be buying Wink Up and Potato because inside it consists of 3 pages of Koichi's photoshoots AND ANOTHER 3 pages of BPM concert report!!!
HOW CAN I NOT BUY IT?!?!?!?!?!T_____T

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