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Thank you everyone! T____T

Hey~ I'm back from my weekend trip to Malaysia~ hahaha
Oh my this trip is practically like a trip for me to sleep
The moment I get into the bus I plug in my earphones
KinKi starts singing and I'm off to sleep LOLOLOL

And I stayed at the hotel to sleep more when the rest are playing tele-matches at the beach too~ LOL
Thats because before that I went swimming and got too tired
And also because I just bathe and I didn't want to sweat again =X HAHAHA
So yeaa like what Vanilla said,
It's something that Koichi would do~

Speaking of Koichi, I had a 2 hour shopping time today~
And me found many many Koichi and many many Tsuyoshi!!!
I'm sooooo happy hahaha!
Shall blog about that when I start caning my camera get my camera fixed hahahaha
But right now~
Yuanshan is a happy happy girl now~ ^^

Because I had many many Koichi~
And also cus Baka talked to me in msn just now hehe
And I know my previous entry was quite depressing,
But still thanks to everyone for your concern~ T___T
You guys don't know how much strength your words gave me when I read them
It literally made me want to tear up and yet it made me much stronger inside

Gally: Thanks for your hugs! Hahaha even though it was just a simple word but I am very thankful for that~ *hugs back* ^^

Tsuyoaki: Hahaha thanks so much!! Mou daijoubu desu~ hahaha
And I'm looking foward to see that Koichi-Cloud picture you're talking about ^^

Hika: Wow!! It's been sooooo long since I last heard from you!! I didn't know you are still reading my blog! hahahaha I missed you! ^^ Haha yeaa at that moment it was really hard for me na~ hahaha especially when I didn't have enough sleep too~ haha but I'm alright now hahaha thanks so much for tagging even though I know you must have like soooooooo many things to deal with in school eh? hahaha Gambatte!! *hugs*
HAHAHHA YESS!!! I LOVE THAT AI NO APRON!!! Hahahahaha and he's just ahhh so cute!!
My goodness I would definitely love to see him make sushi again! HAHA
Still remember him being so nervous about making sushi because in the drama all he does is say "HA!!" and the sushi is done LOLOL!!

Eliza: Hahaha!! Yeaa I so wanted to tell them off saying that the reason why I have to be polite is because I need to protect Singapore's image for the tourists, but since they ARE Singaporeans, there is actually no point in me trying to give Singapore a good image to them ~.~ LOL And yea I really pity their children also, having such unreasonable parents LOLOL Well I hope I won't be seeing them again LOL And me is back!! =DD So I'll be seeing you at work tomorrow!!! ^^

Kristy: Ya lor~! Grrr makes me soo mad! LOL They really want their 'right' as customers lor~ Talking in such a rude manner lol
HAHAHA!! Yeaaa I totally would love to do mean things to them in my brain` hahaha!
But I would much rather fill my brain with more Koichi than to fill it with their stupid faces again =XX HAHAHA!!!

Vanilla: Yay I replied you last because we are conversing in lj also HAHAHA!!
But yeaa still~ Just wanna tell you, me loves you!! =DD Hopefully I can reply your mail by tomorrow~ T_____T hahahahahaahah

And yay~ I replied the tags! hahaha
So sorry it's much more convenient to reply the tags here =X Hahaha
And while I'm at it,
Wink Up Dec scans!! =DD
(Sorry but I am too lazy and tired so I actually copied and pasted this from the livejournal entry =X)


Lol frankly speaking, I'm not too big a fan of his little mustache T___T
Hahaha but I still love his eyes hehe

Hahaha this picture is nice! ^^

Koichi's Best Performance and Music concert!!

Doesn't he look soooo prince-like in this Peaceful World costume!!
I can't wait to see the DVD when he performs this song! T___T

And this!!!
Falling!! The red light sphere!!

2nd page hehehe
Oh my there are sooo many nice pictures in here that I practically enlarged everything T___T

Shhhhh~ hahahaha
KAWAII!!!!!! T___________T

Hehe I love how he keeps smiling and laughing in this concert haha
He looks like he's enjoying himself soo much! haha

More cuteness!!!!
Ahhhhhhh~~~ *faints*

The next part is just a rough translation of what I understand~
So please forgive if my translations are lousy T___T

Koichi presents some big dokkiri challenge hahaha

No More's ending position
Koichi: There are guys that are doing weird poses

Someone doing Tsubasa's pose is discovered!!

Ah! Right there, the real Tsubasa has made a surprise appearance!
Dancer: ehhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dancer: Sumimasendeshita (I'm sorry)
(HAHAHA Koichi is sooo cute pulling the fish head like that HAHAHA!!)

The two of them are friends now!? Tsubasa pose!

Lastly, Koichi also did a Tsubasa pose~
(Hehe cute!!)

Big success!!
(Ahhhh that cute smile again!!! T____T)

Hahaha and now the long awaited Kochan Photoshoot! ^^

Oh my he's in a suit again!!
He needs to stop making me buy these magazines!! T___T

Ahhhh I love this picture!!! Hahaha
He looks sooo yasashii~~

LOL and this picture just kills you right there T____T
Ahhh that look =X hahaha

And of course~~~
I'm sure everyone wants to see this hehehe

A candid shot from the photoshoot
AHO!!! AHOO!! AHO!!!
His face on the 2nd pic is EPIC!! HAHAHAHA

It's always because he is able to do such stupid things~
That make me love him soooo much!! Hahaha
Cute!!! ^^
How can this 30 year old guy (turning 31 in another month's time) play with a chair like that and still look soooo cute!!!! T____T


Hahaha alright I'm done hehehe
Have work at 9am tomorrow~ LOL
Off to sleep now! =DD
*hugs every single person who is reading this entry ^^*

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