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Work work!!

Yesterday after work went drinking again with my colleagues~
I think I have been working too much because I have been having a headache since about 6 yesterday~
And after work I still go drinking ~.~
I felt a bit of headache but aiya~ didn't really care~
After drinking I felt even more headache ~.~

LOL then my colleague told me that my face was red~~~~~~
Then I looked at my arms they were red~~~~
When I went to the toilet my eyes were red~~~
And my neck is red~~~~
Even my legs were red~~~
LOLOL I'm a red girl HAHAHAHA
Me is Koichi color girl!! LOLOLOL ~.~

Ahhh~ whatever the purpose of this entry is just to say
Ahhhh it's so nice to hear from you again!!
Sorry I can't reply you yet cus me is so tired yesterday
And today I have to go out early again~
I work until 10pm tonight so by the time I reach home
Me is gonna collapse again T_____T
Hahahaha I'll try to reply you asap okie?? Hehehe
I hope work is fine~
And no matter how tough work gets gambatte!! =DD
Minna mo gambatteiru kara~ (Because everyone is gambatte-ing too~)
(Shit I dont know how to translate that properly~ but you get the point hehe)
And lastly, MISS YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!! *hugs*

I have always been seeing you online but gomen for not talking to you!!
Like I said I'm too too tired and ahhh~
I have been online for barely a few hours too~
Gomen gomen!!
Miss you too~ T___T *chuuuuu* HAHAHA

Hmmm~~ Don't really know what's going on~
But still hang in there alright? =DD
Miss you too~ hahaha
*hugs* ^^

Hahaha it's been a long while since I last chatted with you~
So sorry I had to leave so soon last night~ haha
Will chat with you again next time when I can stay online more ok? =D
Hahaha take care! ^^

Weeee ok with that me have to go bathe and leave house already~
Will be getting my Wink Up today!! haha
I hope it's still there cus I forgot to reserve it yesterday LOL
Hahahahaha ok cya~~


Logged in to facebook and saw this the other day~


Zoom in:

HAHAHAHAH how nice is that if it were to be true?!?!?! LOLOLOLOLOL
Me will definitely talk to him every single day!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Ok you have to go now~
Pushes myself away
Cya~~ ^^

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