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Done a little housekeeping =X

Ok la not much really,
But it took me quite a bit of time
If you guys notice, I updated my Albums and Singles that I have,
As well as my wishlist for my singles (I only cancelled out Swan Song =D)

And yes!!!
If you guys would just take a look at my Albums that I have,
You will realize that I have ALL THE ALBUMS!!!

Isn't it amazing?!?!
But if you think about it carefully,
Actually I haven't really complete the collection yet,
Because I haven't had a chance to get iD Limited yet!!
Maa that can wait until after I come back from Japan =DD

Speaking of another thing,
T__________T I know I am a super biased fan
Once again I changed my KinKi wallpaper into THIS!!:


ISN'T IT NICE?!?!??!
I was scanning Koichi stuffs so that I will have things to upload on his birthday,
And then I saw this after I scanned it in and realized that it can totally make a very nice wallpaper!
And it did!!

Uwaaa Koichi my gorgeous and beautiful handsome boy~ =D

Anyways in case you guys were wondering,
Nope I didn't buy TV Pia, nor did I buy Only Star because I forgot to call Kino and they were out~
Ok la TV Pia wasn't out, but somehow Eliza managed to convince me not to get magazines anymore, and really start to save up for Japan!
So now, my early resolution, (since KinKi is out of the 3 main mags anyway)

Thou shalt not buy magazines unless COVER is involved!
There! I said it!!
This is much more serious than the previous time where I won't buy unless there are more than 3 pages
This time is 'NO COVER NO TALK!'
Yupp yupp!!
Please people who know me in real life,
If I am having cold turkey STOP ME!!!!
Ok la don't kill me please? I want to see Kochan T___T
Just tie me up until I calmed down =D

And finally I hung my Natsu Moyou poster up in my room already!
It's actually quite big,
But somehow when I tried to take a picture it looks soooooooo small!
So yeaa I'll take a picture again when my cable for my digicam is here~ lol
Muku received my J Album promotional poster already yay!!!
I'll have it shipped over soon~~~
At that time EMILY!! PLEASE WRAP THAT FOR ME TOO?? *puppy eyes* =X
Hahaha needs to look for another excuse to meet up with you =X HEHE

Alright blabbering time over~
Time to sleep!
Tomorrow morning shift~ T_______T

PS: Vanilla~ How have you been?? I miss you!! T_____T
I hope everything's fine~ Christmas is coming soon!!
I hope that you'll be blessed with many many good stuffs!!
Even though I can't celebrate it with you, but you should know that I am always thinking about you!! =DD *hugs*

Bamboobranch too~!!
Do let me know when you received your package already k???
I hope it reaches you by Christmas T____T
And I haven't seen you in a while too~
Misses you!!!*chuuu*

Hey hey!!! Hope you're having fun playing with the snow?? =X
Make a KinKi snowman for me! =X
Oooops that sounded quite wrong ^^;
Haha and yes I miss you!!
Thanks for uploading Koichi's bokura no jidai~
I downloaded it already, haven't got the time to watch it and so sorry I didn't comment!! T___T Will comment soon when I am not so tired T__T
*hugs* ^^

Alright~ me is going off~
School is starting soon~
Another 2 more weeks of work rush~
For the sake of Koichi I shall push on~
I want to meet Ran-chan and watch Endless SHOCK 2010 100th show with her too!!
だからがんばって!!(That's why, gambatte!)
あきらめない!! (Don't give up!)
絶対負けない!! (I must not be defeated!!)


LOL Am in a very aho Koichi mood~ Hahaha
Whenever I want to press on I can't help but think of Koichi in Sushi Ouji~
Don't ask me why~ LOLOLOL

Alright Oyasumi!!! ^^

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