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Eliza's first day at work!! =D

LOL started work at 1230 today
Seems like a more relaxing day??
Hahaha since I started at 1230 and ended at 830, which is only 7 hours of work
As compared to 10 hours of work yesterday
But NO!!! HELL NO!!
Today was literally like hell!!!!

When I went to work I found out that our main cashiering machine has broken down
So we had to use the other machine,
But the other machine cannot register a lot of things that we have in the shop so yea you can imagine the Armageddon we had when many many many guests buy all those things that the machine couldnt register!!!

Apart from that, MANY MANY STOCKS CAME IN!!!
NOOOOOO!! I just cleared the storeroom yesterday!!!
And now the whole storeroom is packed!
And while carrying the boxes around and started to tag our stock,
My nail got chipped and lucky I found out because it is just 1mm more to tearing right into my nail flesh!!!
So I borrowed a nail clipper and cut it off~
Bye bye long nail =((

Throughout this mess the only thing that kept me going was knowing that I will be having lunch with my dear Eliza at 330pm!!!
I was sooo hungry and flustered that you had no idea how happy I was when the clock struck 330 LOLOL
I literally sped out of the shop and went down to beach station to meet my dear Eliza for lunch hehehe

Lunch that we had today was Grilled Fish with Lemon Sauce with Rice
Weeee man it was NICE!!!!!!!
The lemon sauce is totally like the sauce that we eat from Fish and Co HAHAHAHA
Eliz loves the sauce so much that she asked for another bowl of sauce
And she kept pouring sauce in my veggie also asking me to take more
Then we started chatting and time just passed by...hahaha
With workplace being so hectic,
That 1 hour is really 幸せな時間な~~~ (Time of happiness)
Hahaha and yes Eliz me loves you!!! =D

After that went back to Merlion and it was hell again~ T____T
Seriously those tourists ahhh~
Really makes me want to kill them!!
There are like 7 sections where there are clothes and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM looked like a bomb had hit the place!!
And right after I folded everything nicely IT WAS THE SAME AGAIN IN 5 MINS!!!
So I had no choice and had to keep folding folding folding
Finally it was time to end work and argh!!
Due to some stupid prob I had to stay until 930pm when I am supposed to knock off at 830pm!!
Seriously?? I WAS SUPER PISSED!!

Yupp I said was because after that when I went to find Eliz at Beach Station cus she knock off at 10,
We went to 7-eleven and bought some microwaved food and sat at the bus stop and ate our dinner together hehehe
And yupp we chatted about KinKi and MEIYAN YES WE TALKED ABOUT YOU WE MISSED YOU OK!!!
Basket come home wanna talk to you then you not online!!! T______T
Hahaha and so yeaa by the time I reach home my mood was all better thanks to my dear lovely Eliz hehehe

And yeaa now I'm home and I just subbed and translated Koichi's Love and Loneliness~
Because nowadays I have fallen DEEP DEEP DEEP in love with this song~~
どこまでの深く恋に落ちる Oh~~ (I have fallen deeply and endlessly in love Oh~~)
One line from that song and ahhh the song is sooo nice~
But too bad I am still uploading the video now =DD
So yeaaa maybe tomorrow I'll post it here hehehe

For now, oyasumi!!!
And Emily!!! I miss you~~~~ uwaaaaaaa
My mum mentioned you again today cus I was talking about Eliza HAHAHA!!
She thinks you look very cute HAHAHA
She thought you were a Japanese from the start also HAHAHA
And yeaaa meet up soon!!!!!!

And Vanilla, I hope youre enjoying your holidays now!!!
Hahaha look forward to hearing from you soon..
Kochan's birthday coming in 2 days!!!!!

Oyasumi!! =X

PS: And oh, I already drew out all of my money from my bank account already~
So I can't buy anything online now~
And yes I will not be looking at any auctions except for THIS PAGE
Yupp that's the auctions for SHOCK tickets..
This is to constantly remind myself how expensive the tickets will be and the reason why I shouldnt waste my money on fake Koichi now =X

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