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OMG yay!!
You can mail that over too!
By Regular Airmail ok?

And so sorry about what happened T____T
And thanks for making the refund also..
That is very nice of you~
Is there anything that you would want for Christmas?
If can I will get it and send it over to you ne~ ^^
(As always, thank you very much)

That was the last mail I sent him,
Asking him to mail my G Album over
And for about 2 days he didn't reply me? Oo
It was odd because everytime after I mail him and go to sleep,
I can almost be 100% sure that when I wake up in the morning I will see his reply
But not this time...

So after a few days he still hasn't replied
I was sooo paranoid that I really thought that he might still be angry at me over what happened T______T
Finally today when I reached home,
I saw this:



ah sorry that I could not e mail you soon ;(
I got cold :(
Ok so we start packing ne?
Ah Christmas? So send me Christmas card ;)
Se eyou soon~”

Haha you have no idea how happy I was when I saw his mail ok!!
It was like Christmas came already LOLOL
But yeaa sad that he got a cold T___T
But happy that I finally hear from him again! ^^
Haha ystd me and Yiting saw this really pretty 3D christmas card,
And I think I might be sending him that =D
Expensive but sending it! ^^

Maybe I'll buy one for BambooBranch too~ Haha
I hope I can mail her parcel by this year man T_____T

Anyways argh having a very terrible headache now
And it sucks so bad
When it happened it suddenly struck me that my life is sooo sad
Because when I am falling sick,
The only thing I can think of is
"Shit I have to get better by tomorrow, cus I have work!! I cannot afford to be absent!"

What the hell is that!?!?!
I'm sick and I can't even/don't even want to allow my body to rest
Its all work work work money money money
It's all for the sake of being able to meet Koichi T___T
Please please by the time when it's time for me to go and meet you,
Let me be that I will have enough money,
And that I will have people who is willing to go Japan and watch SHOCK with me ok!?!
The thought of no one going to Japan with me scares the hell out of me
It sucks

How I wish it wouldnt be so hard to go and watch his Endless SHOCK~

PS: Vanilla me misses you a lot a lot T____T
Haven't heard from you in some time,
Probably also cus I didn't reply your mails
Gomenasai!! T____T
Did you download J Album and listen?
I didn't want to download because I want to wait for my original J Album if not by the time I receive it I wouldve listened to all of them already,
It makes me feel that it defeats the purpose of buying the album O.o
BUT!! Because I love Kaze no Sonata sooooo much,
I kind of convinced myself that "Ok since I already heard the preview of the song so it doesn't count =X"
So I downloaded part 2 of the album from Usami chan T______T
I am going to force myself to just listen to Kaze no Sonata only!!! =X
Hahahaha and I love all the J album CM!!
Especially the 30sec with Swan Song! HAHAHA
I'm sure you feel the same way as I felt yeaa? =DD
How aho they are HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I love how Koichi sounded to nonchalant when he sang "Utau you ni..." and looked around HAHAHA

Ok me gonna sign off already
You take care ok? Hope everything is fine T___T
Take care!!! =DDD
*hugs tightly*
*Hugs every person that is reading this entry tightly too* ^^

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