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J Album Release!!! =DD


How are you?
Are you feeling better already? oO
It's ok you don't have to apologize
How am I? Bad!! T______T
I had cough yesterday and it didn't get better
So today when I was working I had fever but I didn't want to go home
So I ate medicine and rested and continued to work so I just got home now T____T
I am worried that tomorrow I might have fever, and I have work!
I don't want to miss work because that would mean no money T____T

Hahaha ahhh big present ka~~
Hmmm Ok I shall find a big big present for you~ ^^


Hm~ ;( not very good L
You have not received ems yet?
Ah thanks for the payment sarah so I will send your parcel tody ne?
And yup! Send me biiiiiiig present ! XD

LOLOLOL that was damm cute ok!! HAHAHA
Like some small kid asking for a biiiig present! LOLOLOL


Ahhh not very good? T___T
どうして??(Why?)Christmas is coming soon!!
元気だせ!!^^(Cheer up!)
Haha oh it has reached, but I wasn't at home so the parcel was sent back to the post office
I was gonna go get it today! =D
Haha I will let you know after I receive it ok?? ^^
Haha oo okie!! ^^
Yay may I know roughly how long will the parcel take to arrive? Oo
One week? Oo
Hahaha thanks!! =DD
Alright!今大きいのプレゼントは探します!!!=X (I will go search for a big present now!)
Sarah~ ^^


Yeah I still have fever L
So I don’t have any genki now ; (
Oh no parcel yet? Oh it takes time ne ;(
But already in your town ne?
And air mail so hn~ around 5-7 days?
So I think you will receive it next week sarah!

Ahhhh omg are you freaking serious?!?!
Muku is still running a fever now!! T___T
I thought he has like better looong ago since he started replying my mails
But no~! He's still sick!!
Despite all that he's still helping me pack my parcels,
Helping me bid for stuffs T____T
Oh my Muku me loves you T_____T
I hope you get better soon!!!! T____T
Yes I am a sadist, hearing him say that really makes me want to go and sayang and hug him LOLOLOLOLOL

Yess me is still sick too~
Cough is getting worse,
And now I've caught a flu too!
I just can't stop sneezing!!
Argh I feel soooo disgusted T____T
Hopefully tomorrow I will be better T____T

Ok one last thing before I go sleep


And guess what?!?! YES THEY ARE NO. 1 ON THE RANKINGS!!!

I am still waiting for my copy of J Albums T____T
Hopefully I can receive it by this Friday so that I can meet Emily on Sat and pass it to her~~ =DDD
Hahahaha EMILY I MISS YOU!!! T_______________T
Me wants to meet you and fangirl together again!!! T____T

Vanilla: HEY!!! I received my Endless SHOCK DVD today!!! And all the Swan Song and Koichi photos that I ordered!! Plus my precious Koichi Mirror con cap!!
THE CAP IS GREAT I TELL YOU!!!!I love it! I am so wearing it to work tomorrow!! =X
HAHAHAHAHA and Endless SHOCK booklet is just so beautiful~~~ T____T
Hahaha I will scan the photos soon!!! (Hopefully tomorrow..today I'm just too tired and distracted from ogling at SHOCK's DVD and photobook =X
HAHAHA Me misses you!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* ^^

Rurun: Ahhhh you found my blog too!! HAHAHAHA well I update my blog quite frequently so you can always check like once every 2-3 days LOLOLOL
But most of the time the things I blog here are like very very random though =XX HAHAHA!! But still thanks for tagging and nice to see you here!!! =DD

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