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True enough Muku replied me when I woke up
And after apologizing, he offered to refund me back all the money that I paid for shipping
When I saw that I immediately replied him and told him to just refund me 2000yen,
Instead of 3221yen
But he already sent the paypal payment
So I told him to send again with the 2000yen and I won't receive the other payment
But he just said it's ok and asked me to accept it

So I got all my items shipped through EMS
And I didn't have to pay for it
If that's the case then why do I feel so shitty now???

There really is no pleasing me is there?
Argh~~ I hate my contradicting character
And now I feel so bad I feel that I have to do something else to make up to him
Guess it's time to pick out something nice for someone during Christmas and send it to Japan..

Ahhhhhhh my mind is boggled now
And checked my results
I passed everything with Credits and Distinction

Well it's expected anyways
I guess I have to retake that module again
I hope this time round I can do well,
And I can juggle work and studies again
For now all I can do is earn as much as I can
So that it will be able to make up for the time loss next year

Yupp off to work now~

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blogged @ Thursday, December 3, 2009 10:58:00 AM

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