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Will be going to Malaysia tomorrow~
So don't panic if you can't locate me =)
Maaa I'm 100% sure when I'm back to Singapore I won't have any smses or missed calls though haha
But in case anyone misses me~
I'll be back at night? I think hahahahha

Super super super down now =(
Even after having such a wonderful day,
When I reach home I'm feeling superrrr down
Maa I wouldnt mention them here
Meiyan knows though~ (Feel honoured girl!! =DD)

Ok la cya~ =)

Received something very nice and sweet from dearest Emily too~ hahahaha
I seriously love this girl sooo much! LOLOL
Shall update more when I'm back
Cya~ =)

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blogged @ Sunday, January 17, 2010 1:34:00 AM

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