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Uwaaa I dreamt of KinKi Kids last night!!!!
More important than so, I DREAMT OF KOICHI!!!!
Well it wasn't a great dream and it has some bad stuffs but still,
It was so uwaaa~ T___T

Well first of all, I dreamt that KinKi Kids are holding a concert in Singapore!!
Hahaha and since I skipped school yesterday I guess that's the reason why I dreamt that I skipped school to go for the concert LOL
And the well, the concert was not very popular somehow,
When I went to the concert there was only less than 10 people in the bigggg hall~~
But I didn't care cus I am more than happy cus I can move wherever I liked hahaha

Then I remember that I was wearing the DK Cap and a DK necklace,
And halfway Koichi came down the stage and started touching my necklace, and looked at my DK Cap
Then he asked me how much did I get the cap for,
And some guy beside me shouted 三万¥です!!(30,000yen which is about SGD$455!!)
Then after that he touched my DK pendant and started looking at it and asked again
How much did you get this for?
And that same guy shouted 三万¥です!!
And Koichi was like "MAJI?!?!?!?!?!" (Are you serious?!?!)
Then he couldnt take his eyes off his own concert good ~.~

And well because it's Singapore you can expect the people to be not so high~
So KinKi Kids eventually gave up, went down the stage and sat down
Koichi took a blanket, covered himself and started to fall asleep on the floor,
While Tsuyoshi just sat on the floor cross legged
While Koichi was sleeping, I was beside him all along
And suddenly there was an announcement through the speaker saying
"Koichi!!Hurry up and wake up! And start talking to Yuanshan about your F1 stories!!"

So Koichi suddenly woke up, like feeling a bit doubtful as to whether I wanna listen to his F1 stories anot
But of cus me still being the fangirl Koichi me,
I immediately told him that I love his F1 stories!!
And I love all his physics theory and all his mystery stories!!!
And then Koichi was like "ahhh sou??"
I continued on and turn to Tsuyo and said "Actually sometimes I really don't like you..because everytime when Koichi starts talking about his stories you will..."
At this point of time I forgot how to say "Cut him off" in Japanese
And Koichi finished my sentence for me "Cut me off right!!"
And I went "sou sou!!!" And got so excited!! Hahahaha

So Koichi started talking about his F1 stories and
Well in my dream he only said one story and my dream changed scene already HAHAHA
With that Koichi excitedly told me "Do you know that it only takes 5 seconds for an F1 race car to drive one round around the stadium track?!?!?!"
And I went "Ehhhh?? Hontou??? SUGOI!!!"

Ok it totally doesnt makes sense!!! HAHAHAHA
But still omg!! LOLLOLOLOL

Then my dream went on to the next day where I had to go school~ T___T
And then I passed by the place where they sell tickets
So I couldnt help it but go over to the counter and asked if this time the concert is more successful,
However the people went like "Hai, today's sales is not very good also~"
I was sooo sad and yet excited because it means that I can get closer to KinKi again if lesser people are going
So I was struggling whether I should just go for the concert again or should I not skip school again~ T____T
In my dream the ticket was only SGD$60 ok!!!
Come to think of it if it's real life I don't see how this can be a dilemma at all, OF COURSE SKIP SCHOOL AND GO FOR CONCERT AGAIN!!! =X

So I went to the dressing room and Tsuyo was teaching us how to dance "WHERE IS TOMORROW" HAHAHAHAHHAA!!
That is like Koichi's solo song ok!
But cus I loved that song so I went to join in and dance also (Yes I learned a bit of that dance in real life)
But in the dream everyone was like dancing sooo awfully that Tsuyo said "It's too ugly already, we have to cancel that song away~" T_______T

Hahaha and with that my mum came into my room and asked me to wake up

As ridiculous as this dream was, it was sooo nice T___T
How nice it would be if this were to be true hahaha

And well I believe this dream that I had was due to some stress I have in real life..

Firstly, it's been a looooong time since I last had any updates of KinKi or Koichi~ T__T so of course it would be natural for me to dream of them because they always exists within my subconscious mind

Secondly, the question of Koichi asking me about my concert goods probably signifies me worrying about my Endless SHOCK tickets,
And Koichi would probably get a SHOCK if he actually finds out how much fans are paying just to watch his musical~ hahaa
2 items because I am intending to watch 2 shows
I mean well he probably already knows about the ridiculous prices people are paying for his SHOCK tickets through resellers but even if so somehow I guess somewhere deep in his heart he doesnt really want that to happen =(

Thirdly, the thing about KinKi's concert sales being bad,
Well I guess that's because Meiyan told me that the sales for J Album is very bad =((
And the sales for Swan Song and other stuffs haven't been that great either~
Can't help but feel sad somehow~
Even though you know that they are still no. 1 =(

Lastly, about his F1 talk,
I guess somehow I am really sick of people stopping him whenever he wants to talk about something smart?
And I really am eager to let him know that there is someone out there who is totally interested in hearing what he has to say I guess =(

Like in the latest concert about Koichi and his 星の話 (Talk about stars)
I don't really know the content because I am having big trouble trying to load the video off since1997
But they are so mean!!!
Not just Tsuyo but practically everyone around Koichi! T_____T
I really don't understand what is so boring about the things that Koichi talks about!!
I really really really want to hear more of them!
They are intellectual and they makes sense and it's around us!
That kind of talk I bet is sooo much more better than listening to talks about people asking Koichi and harping on the fact why he doesn't like to go out of his house,
Why he still cannot get a girlfriend,
What kind of girl he likes, (HE ALREADY SAID HE DOESNT KNOW DAMMIT)
Making fun of him not knowing how to fall in love それはどこかわるい?!?!(What's so wrong about that?)
I rather he not know how to fall in love and finally meet a girl that he suddenly know she's the one, that to see him changing one girl after another
Isn't that true?!?!

Haha maaa I started ranting again~ T_____T
Hahaha well these are just the daily frustrations that I have I guess..
It just breaks my heart everytime I see Koichi being treated like that =(
Maa he probably doesn't mind since he's just this nice guy who lives in his own world~ T____T
Haiii Kochan!!!!!!

Ok I'm ending here~~~
LOL Random I know but whatever~

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