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I don't know what is wrong with me


Well got my pay today~~
Maa not bad la I have more money now~ =D
Hmmm I still have the 2nd part of intercruises pay to wait for,
So more money for me~~
As for Sentosa, I guess I'll just try to work when I get the chance
For now studies still more important I guess..
I don't want my parents to think that I am neglecting my studies because of Koichi~ haha

Maa random random
I fixed the bling that Emily has given me already!!
Oh I havent showed you guys her wonderful present yet ehs?
Here it is!!!!


Oh my gosh!!!
Emily I know you wouldnt be reading this since you're so busy with your school work,
But once again thank you so much for spending so much time making this for me!!!
When you wrote inside the card saying that you'll be giving me a present later after christmas because it's still "making in process" I was still thinking "huh?? LOL"
And when you gave it to me you didn't want me to see the present in front of you~

For that I really want to smack you because
Why didn't you let me open the present when you're just right beside me?!?!?!
I would've been sooooo happy I would probably give you a big hug or even sayang you or even well I dunno what I could've done!
I guess she knows that would happen that's why she doesnt want to be around me when I see the present =X
But I would be soooo happy!!! And T_____T
It sort of makes me feel so sad that you're not around me when I first see this wonderful present T___T

And don't worry, the bling is very tight now,
I found a way to make them stick better,
So I can use it now!!
And I love using it because I love the beautiful DK logo,
And everytime when I look at the wallet I'll think of your cute little face hahaha!!

Love you girl!! =DDDD
And all the best for your projects!!! ^^

Hahaha alright another random note
Since I'm feeling sooo down nowadays~
I guess seeing this will somehow cheer me up =X


I guess seeing this just means that I am yet another step closer to seeing my dear Kochan~~ ^^


How can any one not want to work hard for the sake of this guy~~~~~ ^^
Thanks na~ Kochan~~
Thanks to you my night was spent a little easier~~ ^^

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