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New KinKi Kids Forum! =D


This is an invitation!

My dearest fellow friends,

I've probably not mention before
but my fren and i, we're put up a KinKi Forum
It's bilingual, in English and Chinese

Please do join this forum!!!
it will officially be launched on Tsuyoshi's Birthday!
Right now, i'm in search of more moderators and members!

so please do JOIN!!!!!!!!!!

The forum is still under construction! (most of the info are up) but it's getting there!!!!


Do ask all the KinKi fans you know to join this forum!
I repeat!
It's bilingual!

m(_ _)m

if there's any doubt,
please do not hesitate to ask me questions!

Instructions to register for the forum can be found here.

The above is typed by Shiyi hahaha
I'm too lazy so I just copied paste the contents from the DK Comm hahahahaha

Hahaha as you guys can see,
There's a new forum coming up!
And I believe it's looking good~~~
Since I'll be the moderator for scans *shy*
Which means I will be putting any scans that I have there,
And there will be videos and songs and many many other downloads there as well too!!
For those who don't know Chinese,
Don't worry!
Cus I suck at Chinese forums too!!
And I will try to ensure that it's English fan friendly too!!

So people like Gally and Vanilla,
Do join them too!! ^^
I am still learning how to navigate around forums na~ (since I suck at it sooo much~)
And if you're from Singapore,

I am really hoping that we can attract more Singapore KinKi fans to the forum~
So that perhaps we can keep the fandom in Singapore a little stronger?
Not to mention that when we know the fans around it will be nice to have activities once in a while na~~~
And I wouldn't have such a hard trouble trying to find some friends to fly to Japan with me too T____T

Soo I shall end here hehehe
Ok la sign up 1st hehehe
Cus things are still slowly being put up there,
And oh we wanna sub videos and stuffs too,
So it will be nice if we can have translators to join us too!! =D
Since my Jap is so lousy and I am always sooo busy and soo lazy T___T HAHAHAHA

Alright Ciao~ =D
Will reply the tags in class tomorrow =X hahaha
It has piled up na~~~ gomen!! T____T


blogged @ Thursday, January 14, 2010 1:26:00 AM

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