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Test in a few hours =(

UPDATE: OH!! OH!! OH!!! I just found out that I will most probably be spending KinKi Kids' 13th Anniversary this year in JAPAN!!!!! UWAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Yeaa I should be studying..
But I just woke up and have totally no motivation..
All I can think of is Koichi Koichi Koichi ~.~
I will be working last minute at Sentosa from 530-10pm later
Well I sort of hesitated if I should go anot since I know I will be pretty tired
And it will be bad if I lose money again zzz

Oh well..someone started subbing the 39 concert haha
I'm so glad lol and I see my name appearing so many times =X
Because I provided the raw weeeee
Maa seeing that subbed vid available for download it made me go and listen to the version of Ai no Katamari for 39 con
That was the 1st time I was ever exposed to that song na..

When I watched the concert for the 1st time I was so sad that I don't know KinKi Kids well enough or Japanese well enough to understand their jokes or what they were talking about, which made me feel really really sad =(

Oh well, Ai no Katamari is so beautiful as always hahaha
Alright random post end =)



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