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First things first~
Happy birthday Vanilla!!!!!
Sent you a few gifts, even though they are virtual but I hope it's good enough! T____T
I'm really glad that I got to know you na~~~
It's really fun mailing you and talk about Kochan and about our lives~ haha
I bet no one else in this world has this similar sentiments about things as you!!
It's really nice when I see you writing things and I'll go like "ME TOO ME TOO!!!" and when I say certain things and you'll be like "ME TOO ME TOO!!" Hahahaha
Isn't that nice?

It's funny how we always seem to order the same version of CDs and end up wanting the other version more na~~~ =X HAHAHAH!!
Those wonderful mail exchanging days will never be forgotten~
Not to mention everytime I see your name appearing in my mailbox,
It never fails to put a smile on my face
Whether I am too tired from work,
Too stressed up from school,
Or even just trying to wake myself up in the morning,
Seeing your name in my mailbox always made me sooo genki! ^^

And I'm sure I will want to make sure they will continue in the days to come too!
If possible I really hope that one day we will get the chance to meet na~~
Be it you coming to Singapore or me going over to Germany~
Seems like a looong shot, but I really hope one day it will happen ^^
So sorry for always replying your mails so slow la~~~
I'm such a lazy person and sometimes my brain just goes blank even when there are soooo many things I would want to tell you T____T
All in all I wish you a wonderful 22nd birthday!!!
And of course whatever happens, I will always be thinking of you,
Hopefully you will be thinking of me too na~~~ (Well who wouldnt!! =X HAHAHA)

Love you Vanilla!!! =DDDD

Here's a nice picture for both you and me =DDD


I'm sure that file is somewhere inside your computer now na~~ hehe!

Things are getting tough now~ T___T
Yuanshan you know you are stronger than that right!!!
*Looks at the above picture*
Yes yes yes!!
6 more days to go..5 more months to go..
Kochan gambatte!!!
Yuanshan gambatte!!

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blogged @ Tuesday, February 9, 2010 1:43:00 AM

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