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Ie Naki Ko Movie

After watching Ie Naki Ko 2 last June,
I remember feeling sooo heart broken, and thought that the world was soooo ugly after that
Watching every single episode never fail to bring me to the verge of tears
I guess it wasn't that sad enough to make me cry~

But watching how Harumi protected Suzu all the way,
Somehow it made me feel like
"How nice would it be if such guys don't just exist in dramas and anime"
Yes looking at Koichi's handsome young face while being so protective does makes everything better~

When the drama finally ended,
I have always wanted more, I always missed the drama but was too afraid to watch it again~
Let's face it it's a dark drama
Even until now I don't wanna touch Tenshi ga Kieta Machi just yet~

Then Ran brought up Ie Naki Ko drama again~
And because of that I found out that Ie Naki Ko actually has a movie,
It was aired after 1, and before 2
So I played abit of the show,
I didn't believe that Koichi acted in it,
But Ran says that he did!
But I was like "But he was in 2! How can he be in the movie because in 2, clearly he and the girl have not met!!"

And once again I was wrong!
Shortly after I told Ran that Koichi can't be in the movie,
HAHAHAHA I was like AHHHH!!! DETA!!!!!

Surprisingly, he wasn't Harumi in the movie~
He's Minoru~ HAHAHAHA
Oh my I cannot believe the director actually used Koichi twice in a same show, acting as different characters!!
Yes it sounds stupid to use the same person and act as 2 different characters,
But well, it's Koichi, so I guess no one's complaining =DDD

All I can say is I'm glad the movie didn't end like how series 2 ended =D
Kochan~~~~ me loves you more and more each day~~
And please, let me dream of you tonight =DD

PS: Mum came and tell me that Dad didn't want to pay for my studies anymore.
Why why WHY must some people think that they know it all and add oil to the fire?!?!
I seriously don't need people like you. Ever since I was born the number of times we converse couldn't even add up to 100, so why the hell are you meddling so much in our affairs now?!?!
Just because you are a degree holder and you're earning big bucks now?
Just because "you care"?!?!
Please I don't need you in my life~
Just leave my family alone THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Yupp so I guess if my Dad is serious I will have to find a way to pay for my studies myself,
Get a loan from a bank or smth~~
Hmmm how do you actually get 30k to pay for your school fees?
Hmmm...rob a bank?

Maybe I should just quit school for good....
Fuck studies~

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blogged @ Thursday, February 25, 2010 3:06:00 AM

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