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It's coming soon~~~

Uwaaa finally I'm done with my 2 consecutive full shifts!!!!
Hahaha well it's not that big a deal though,
Just that now after not working as regularly,
2 full shifts can almost kill me~ LOL

During work when it's close to the evening,
One of my colleague came and talked to me in a very serious tone,
And this conversation happened:

Colleague: Eh Sarah, I need to tell you something..
Me: Ya?
Colleague: Later you'll have to close POS (cashier) yourself..
Me: Eh? How come? I thought you're closing the shop too?
Colleague: Oh no, you'll have to close it yourself, because I won't be closing the shop
Me: Oh? How come?
Colleague: Because I will be leaving at 730pm already~
Me: Ehhh?!?! Why? Where you going?? Why are you leaving at 730pm?!?!
Colleague: Because I have attitude problem


HAHAHAHA I laughed my ass off when that conversation happened LOL
His stupid joker face was sooo serious that I really thought he wouldn't be here,
And then "Oh why are you leaving early?"
"Oh, because I have attitude problem." LOLOLOL
Wth la~ hahaha
But nevertheless this joker guy made my day pass by a little faster~ =DD

Today quite a few Japanese came,
But I didn't really bother to make any conversation with them even though they bought something
Well mainly because somehow I feel that they are quite unapproachable
And besides I'm tired too~ =(

But this 2 Japanese guys came and buy something and I didn't even realized that they were Japanese~
Until when the guy was trying to add up the coins and he said "dochi?" and I realized
And I started doing the whole transaction in Japanese
After that he was like "Ohh..nihongo jyouzu desu ne~~" (Oh..your Japanese is good)
And I was like hahaha no..not really~
He asked me if I studied Japanese, and I said yeaa
He asked me how long have I been studying and I said one year~
Then he was quite surprised, saying that even though I only studied for one year I can already speak so much =X LOLOL
Then all I could said was ohh, maa..I watch quite a lot of dramas so...

Then he asked me the magical question!!
"Anata wa dare no fan desu ka?" (Who are you a fan of?)
And I was like "Koichi desu!!"
He said "KinKi Kids no Domoto Koichi?"
I couldn't stop smiling and just kept nodding my head and said "Hai~ sou desu!"
Then he asked if KinKi Kids are popular in Singapore, and I just said last time,
Now not really, now is all the Korean wave~~~~~ zzzzz *rolls eyes as I am typing*
He then replied "ohh!! sou desu ne~~" and I said that I don't really like Korean pop
After that he asked if Takuya Kimura was popular here,
And I said yeaa, people tend to know him more then Koichi~ hahahahaha

At this point of time his friend came over and "uwaa! nihongo umai!!" (uwaaa, her Japanese is good!)
And the guy started praising me again and told his friend that I only studied for one year LOLOLOL!!!
Seriously, even though it's nice to be complimented on my Japanese once in a while,
But often at this kind of situation I really really really! dunno how to react!
All I can do is smile and nod and bow and say thank you~
And keep saying that I'm not that good yet~ hahaha

Well they started laughing and then they finally bade farewell and left the shop hahaha
And that conversation literally was like my coffee for the day!
After that conversation I was suddenly wide awake again!
And my mood got soooo much better!!!
By the way those 2 Japanese guys are like ossan already! =X HAHAHAAH
Not really ossan la but definitely older than Koichi =DDD
But still~~ arigatou!!!

Finally work ended and I reached home!
Hahahaha talked to Meiyan and she reminded me again that I have to watch Channel U at 7:45pm tomorrow~
Then I asked her previously what it was and she didn't want to tell me~
Then today when she reminded me again I told her that I'm going to check the schedule
But the moment I typed that I left the computer and went out of my room to check,
And didn't see her say "cannot check! it's a surprise!"
So =(((
I saw the show title!
Wanna know what show it was? =DDD

It's Lu Chen's magic show!!!!!
When I saw the title I was like AHHHHHHHH!!! LU CHEN!!!!!!!!!!!
And then the next thing was "AHHHH!! OMG MEIYAN I LOVE YOU!!! T___________T"
Seriously omg I LOVE TAN MEI YAN!!!!
Haha sometimes you know it feels so nice when someone knows what you like,
And when they know something about the thing that you like,
They will make an effort to inform you about it..
Somehow it makes me feel loved~ LOL
Cus it's like "At that point of time, they thought of me"

Just like when I gave Takeru's twitter link to Eliza,
And she actually already had it,
But still she was happy and said thanks,
And said "That's nice, you thought of me when you saw Takeru's twitter"
Hahaha it's the same thing now~
And it's not even about KinKi Kids,
And she still made an effort to tell me about it~
Uwaaaa T____T What nice friends I have~ T____T


And when you talk about Lu Chen I just can't help but link him with Koichi~ LOL
Well don't ask me why cus the impression is just there already~ hahaha
And I found something that's sooo nice~ hahahha


Lu Chen~~ Uwaaa handsome T____T



*Still prays for the day where the both of them will meet and exchange magic with each other~~* Since Koichi loves magic sooo much!! I want him to experience Lu Chen's magic 1st hand!! T___T

One more day Kochan!!!!
Gambatte!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
Let this be a story that everyone will be talking about~
The time when Koichi performed 100 SHOCK performances even though he's 31!! HAHAHA

PS: Speaking of which, it seems that Ran chan needs someone to go for 14th Feb (1ST SHOCK SHOW) with her! Because her friend suddenly fell sick and she needs to find a replacement, if not she will have to sit alone~ T___T
So if anyone who is reading this entry is interested, doesnt even matter if you don't talk to me~ Please head over to the KinKi Kids Livejournal link at my links at the right hand side and leave her a comment!
Even though it's A seat, but still it's the 1st Opening show!!So if you're interested, go to KinKi Kids Livejournal link at my right hand side and talk to Ran! =DDDDD

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