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Had a dream last night
Dreamt that I was watching SHOCK
Somehow it's a small room though, with a lot of beds,
And all the fans were like lying/sitting on the beds or something..
Because I personally don't like squeezing, I just stood on the floor

After the performance ended Kochan was somehow inside the room??
Right opposite the bed there was this glass window and I could saw him wallking in and finally he opened the door!!!
Everyone was like screaming and as I looked at him I was thinking "oh my that's really Koichi!! Oh my gosh he's soooo handsome!"
He had mirror hairstyle, and he was wearing long sleeves shirt and jeans
I could've swore he looked like this:


Just that he didn't had the beanie..

Because I was the only person standing on the bed,
I was quite near to him as he walked in,
I could even remember myself looking up and kept smiling (I wonder why I didn't scream in my dream) and looked at him
He saw me and he came towards me and he grabbed my arm!!!!
At that moment I was like "omgomgomgomgomgomg!!! Koichi is touching me!!! omgomgomgomgomg Koichi is holding my arm!!!"
Then he turned and faced the audience, with his hand still grabbing my upper arm

That was when I felt it
His right hand was injured!
It was bandaged!
Even though he was holding my arm, what I felt was the rough texture of the bandage
And I looked at his arm and it looked exactly like this:


Close up view..


Yupp it was something like that...

I couldn't really remember what went on after that because before I knew it,
We were all at this shopping center and at this arcade playing racing cars..
Of course Koichi was the 1st and together I dreamt of my pri sch and sec sch friend
I'm not really close to that friend so it's quite odd that he would appear in my dream
Then we went to a lan shop and all the other fangirls sort of snatched a computer for themselves and I was left with no computer
So I had to move over and sit beside Koichi and look at him playing some RPG with my pri sch friend
It's all so weird isn't it?

And then scene changed and I couldn't really get a clear idea of what happened (damm I really wish I can remember the whole dream)
But my pri sch friend died! T____________T
It's as if we offended some yakuza or something!
Then Koichi was so devastated, and before I knew what was happening,
We were running for our lives
At 1st he held my hand and we started running up a lot of stairs
I can even feel my leg giving way in the dream
Dammit it's my dream why can't I make me stronger!

Then one of the fangirl was chasing us behind,
Trying to pull me away from Koichi,
And don't want to let us escape together
And instead of running away from our lives I was actually running away from her!!
Then she screamed out "You can't do this!! When you guys escape like that over time you're bound to fall in love with each other!!!"
And I immediately screamed back "I don't care!! My friend is dead!! Just let me go!"
So I started running running and running with Koichi just right in front of me

And then...
"Just get up, just get up,
Just get up, don't give up, believe in you
Without losing pure feelings"

How stupid is that??!?!

Come to think of it the dream is kinda scary isn't it?
It's been soo long since I dreamt of Koichi
And this dream isn't exactly a good one =(

His hand..daijoubu kana...
My friend..daijoubu kana...
So many things..

And oh because I only submitted my schedule to work just on Sunday for next week
Due to projects piling up and stuffs,
I also dreamt one of my friend saying "I hate it when people who have school only submit one day of roster during the weekend, it's such a selfish behaviour..when you're not schooling you want to work but when you have school you just throw us to die, that is very selfish"

And inside my heart I was thinking "But it's not fair..it's because I have projects that's why I'm like that...if not usually I always work and school at the same time what"

Oh well, just that's just my conscience acting up for feeling guilty about working just one day

And looking back at my dream again..
Somehow I can't help but feel that
It resembles the story of Tenshi ga Kieta Machi a lot...

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