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Weee~ Kochan in my room~ =D

The third day of Chinese New Year,
And Eliza Emily and Meiyan came over to bai nian! =D
Hahahaha Eliza came late though, cus she had to rush her project~
So Meiyan and Emily came first, and we started our steamboat lunch wahahaha~
It's tough preparing steamboat for them I tell you!
One of them doesn't eat fish/seafood and the other doesn't eat vegetables/red meat.

Lucky for them, the things I eat are somewhat similar to what they eat, just that I eat seafood and I eat vegetables hahaha~
So it's a win win situation~ there's food for everyone! =DD

After eating I brought them to my room and we started slacking~
Then finally took out my giant J Concert poster and showed them~
And they helped me wrapped it up!!
The poster is soooooo big that I totally couldn't just do it by myself without messing up ok!
And both Emily and Meiyan really helped a lot!
And as usual Emily is the pro at wrapping such stuffs~ wahahaha!!
Just that it's a little scary when she holds the scissors and started "cutting" the air, staring at my precious J Album promo poster with evil eyes HAHAHAHA!!

She say that she wants to cut up the poster and take the Tsuyo half home HAHAHAHA!!
And finally, IT'S DONE!!!! =DDD


The beautiful wrapped Koichi J concert poster!!!! =DDD


How the poster looks like in my room~
Yupp it's above my bed =X HAHAHAHA


I keep trying to capture how big it actually is, but failed terribly~
No matter how from these photos it just looks like a normal sized poster~ nande?!?!


Still fail~ =X
Maybe I should just get my baby sis to stand there next time =X HAHAHAHA

And finally Eliza came! =DDD
So even though we were soooo full~
We went back to the steamboat and accompanied Eliza as she eats her lunch
Initially everyone didnt eat cus we're too full~
But after awhile, Meiyan started saying she wants mushrooms, and meatballs,
And I went to take more food,
And Emily start eating also!
Wahahahaha come to my house and you will grow fat!!! =X LOLOLOL

While eating lunch halfway Eliza said that it's too quiet and she wants something to play in the background,
So we played KinKi YOU birthday con on my television,
And oh my Koichi is really damm damm cute in Maketara Akan! HAHAHA
He dances with all his might and some of the dance steps just makes him look so aho~ HAHAHAHA
He's lucky Maketara Akan and Tayori Shitemasse aren't back in back! HAHAHA
If not he will die! LOLOL

We watched until the whole birthday celebration was over and everyone is off to my room again! =DDD
Then I wanted to wrap up my J album promo poster then I realized that I don't have enough plastic to wrap it! T________________________T
So in the end we only managed to wrap one poster hahahaha

So we slacked and chatted and I don't really remember what we did~
But well, when Eliza had to leave we took photographs together!! =DDD
But because these 3 girls didn't want their faces revealed here so these are the only photos I can show you wahahaha~


Meiyan (Left) and Emily (Right), the 2 nice girls that helped me wrap my poster~! =DD
I love them sooooo much~ hahaha
They never fail to make my life sooo much easier and enjoyable~ ^^

And the nice girl who took pictures for us,


Seems like the Johnny's Countdown Uchiwa has proven to be quite useful~ =XX

And that sums up my enjoyable day~ =DDD
I really appreciate them coming all the way down even though they live sooo far to spend some time together na~~ hahahaha
Love you guys!! ^^ Hopefully we will have the time to do it again na~~~ =DD

And lastly,
To think I was sooooo emotional about Koichi not having his Mask scene!!!
Look at his new performance that took over the Mask scene!!
And the way he changes into the Red Yoru no Umi costume~~
NICE NICE NICE!!! I am satisfied with how he link the performance and brought Yoru no Umi in~~ =DDD
I am soooo stupid na~~
I should've believed in Koichi more, knowing that he will never settle for 2nd best~ ^^

And he looks soooooooooo beautiful and graceful flying with that umbrella~~~~~ T_____T Only he can look sooo beautiful flying like that~ =D

Next video, dear Vanilla showed me this!!
More of the flying umbrella, and this time it shows Koichi in Yoru no Umi too~~
His face and his moves are much much sharper now!
And for the Romeo part, his expression is great!
I bet he improved a lot a lot a lot!!! T____T

PS: Weee new costume for Red Cloth flying!!! But awww no more tank top for backstage scene? T__________T Oh my JULY HURRY UP AND COME ALREADY!!!!!!

And oh yesterday during Endless SHOCK performance,
It was said that Koichi's head banged into the wire while he was doing the 2nd flying scene,
And because of the length of the wiring and stuffs,
The whole flying scene was unable to be done.
During curtain call, Koichi took the change to apologized to the audiences because the flying scene wasn't done properly..

Gambatte ne Koichi!!!

Haii it's just the 2nd day and there was a little accident..
I wonder if he's alright, both physically and emotionally..
Ran says that he'll definitely be alright!
Darou na~~ Koichi is strong! =D
But somehow this little incident made me worry a little,
And I can't help but recall the dream that I had a while back.....

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