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And today marks the end of...

Today, 30th March, at 1pm Japan time,
Marks the end of the 1st half of the 100 shows for Endless SHOCK
Time really flies so fast,
Because it totally felt like it was just yesterday when it's the 1st day of Chinese New Year,
I came home late at night and was fangirling over all the beautiful SHOCK goods
And went gaga over all the amazing changes Koichi has done to Endless SHOCK

In order to be able to execute this plan of having 100 shows this year,
Koichi made himself gain 5kg before he starts Endless SHOCK
Throughout this 2 months of long running show, he has lost much weight,
And by the end of February and March's show,
He totally lost all the 5kg that he gain
Oh my Koichi~ Please please gain back that 5kg or even 10kg throughout these 3 months!
So that you will have enough weight to lose for July's SHOCK and your solo concert!

Ahhh I cannot believe how fast time flew by.
Soon it will be April soon, and exams will be coming.
So far I am done with all my assignments and class tests.
So far so good, and I hope it will be that way
As for exams nearing end April,
I hope that I will not flunk anything this time,
And hopefully I will be able to pass my Accounting during June.
Finally July will come and I will be seeing the legendary Domoto Koichi
And we'll probably meet, get married and live happily ever after

These 2 months of Endless SHOCK going on have been fun!
In these 3 months without Endless SHOCK going on,
I'm gonna miss the 12pms and 5pms in Singapore,
Thinking that right now, Koichi is doing his best in SHOCK, so I need to start pulling my weight around too
I'm going to miss 6.15pm where I'll be "Ahhh, he's rolling down the stairs now!"
I'm going to miss reading all the cute reports of my dear baka Kochan~
In short, I'm going to miss Koichi T_____T HAHAHA

And I'll definitely be looking forward to Koichi's new album!
I wonder when he will be releasing it,
I'm hoping after July,
But I had a dream that he released it in May. Sobs.
I wonder if my dream is accurate =X

And here are some of my favorite SHOCK photos that I have gotten from the awesome magazine photographers~

First and foremost,


This Endless SHOCK promotional poster's photograph will definitely be my utmost favorite!
With my beloved Yoru no Umi costume,
With that wonderful pose,
There's nothing that is not good about this picture wahaha~


Yes, one of the changes of Endless SHOCK this year would be adding in Solitary!
Out of so many photographs of Solitary,
This is still my favorite!
That hot dance stance, that perfect lighting
This whole thing just falls in place perfectly


Of course, the Samurai fighting scene,
I have always loved it when Koichi wore this as he runs up the stage,
It's too bad he didn't wear this long enough,
And took it off the moment he started fighting T___T
So I'm choosing this picture out of all the Samurai pictures! Haha


The new black costume for Flying1 is definitely something that I'll be looking forward to seeing!
He looks so comfortable flying like this LOLOLOL
But the only thing that is preventing him from falling off is that cloth twining around his wrist. Sounds painful huh? =X


Lastly, the most beautiful picture of Yoru no Umi I have ever seen!!
The picture says it all,
That beautiful expression,
That beautiful pose,
That lighting.
This picture is perfect.
Which is why it is still my laptop wallpaper XD

On a random note,
I have been adding new pictures into my handphone so that I can play around with having more wallpapers
And since I started working more days now,
I will get lonely when it's not so busy,
So I will be needing my daily dose of Koichi =X
And here are some beautiful Koichi during my favorite period.
Mirror Koichi! XD hahaha

Kudos to dear Vanilla for giving me these scans!! ^^


Deep in Your Heart~
Uwaaa I love his face so much T__T
The jawlines and everything LOL


And this is nice too~
And there's fire in the bg LOLOLOL
I don't know why but I love him in this costume a lot a lot
And I can see a bit of his strong shoulders =X LOL
His body during this period is H.O.T!


And you get to see his hot arms, and body,
And that nice hairstyle! HAHAHA
If Jyu Oh Sei ever were to have a live action,
Of course the Thor that has already grew up and became the leader of the tribe =D
That would be HOOOOOT!!! HAHAHA

And because I don't want to spam too much,
Gonna sleep soon cus I'm having an almost full shift tomorrow, yeaa almost full shift because I'll be working from 930 to 730pm, and full shift is from 930-830, yea I don't know why too. Go figure =)
I'll just be uploading a few of my major favorites from the Mirror Concert Pamphlet,
Because the rest I'm just too lazy to resize them =X LOLOLOL
Maybe next time muhahahaha


This is like my favorite favorite LOLOLOL
And tank top! My favorite!!!


And this!
I totally love his beautiful jawlines,
And how the hair complements with his neck~ LOL
And he's in a tank top again!!
When I told Meiyan what I said above she called me a crazy fangirl T____T
Maybe there's something wrong with the way I view at how handsome Koichi is T___T


This picture is smacking hot!!!
The only complain I have with this picture and the one above is that
I wanna see his face clearer T___T HAHAHAHA
But still even all these lighting doesn't stop Koichi from looking so handsome LOLOL
I love that curve that his body is giving too
As in the way he stands, there's this ) shape HAHAHA
Ok I'm ogling at the weirdest things again ~.~

Alright tomorrow I have to wake up early,
So time for me to sleep I guess..
Oyasumi!! ^^

PS: I had stock take at Merlion yesterday, and it was supposed to end by 12midnight, but because we had problems so I ended up leaving only at 2am! HAHAHA
That's like freaking late and by the time I reach home it's already 3am T___T
And since I wasn't working today, I decided to let myself sleep as much as I want so I didn't set any alarm.
Big mistake! Because the postman came!!
My Pia Ex with Koichi on cover!! T____T
So since I'm working tomorrow I can't collect it at the post office tomorrow either~
And I have to wait till Thursday.
Can't wait to see my beautiful cover MUHAHAHAHAHA
Alright I'm really sleeping soon
Oyasumi! ^^

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