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Hate it when it's that time of the month~
I feel sooooo drained now
And so lethargic

Not sure if any of you felt that way but to me it's probably because I am losing like huge amount of blood
And since I don't eat red meat like at all
There's nothing to replenish back the blood
So I'm like constantly losing blood without putting any back

Have to go school now..
But argh I feel as if I want to die already
Hope that today will just hurry up and end already~~ T____T
Ahh Ran came to talk to me hehehehe made me a little more perked up lololol

Ok time to change and go school
My hair looks like crap today
Argh whatever~ ZZZZ

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blogged @ Monday, March 15, 2010 11:14:00 AM

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