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Myojo April scans!!! HOT KOICHI IN SPECS ^^

Since I haven't really shared these here~
In case anyone who hasn't seen it yet,
These are the scans for Myojo April~
From here onwards it would be copy paste from LJ
So sorry I'm actually suffering from a terrible headache since last night
It actually got better but when I woke up
My head is like exploding
I don't even know why argh
Doesn't seem like I'm getting a fever too

I just hope I don't fall sick since I have to work tomorrow~
Read many interviews about SHOCK from Look at Star March and Look at Star! Ovation 2010
Had many thoughts about it
But I'll talk about it when I have the mood to blog =X

Oh oh I just wanna say RAN I LOVE YOU!!! XD
I am so grateful that you are brought into my life~
And even happier to see that we are both Koichi fans who are on the same frequency~
Thanks so much for helping me get Eye-Ai as well as the Honda magazine!!
I totally totally can't wait to see you in July~
Where I can finally escape from all the shit around here
And just bask myself into many many Koichi =X
And someone is going for SHOCK tomorrow ehhs? T_____T
Enjoy k!!!!!! So glad that you get to watch Solitary once again T____T
I wanna see it too!! T_________T HAHAHAHA

Alright time for Myojo April scans:

Hey hey hey!!! I wanted to post the Best Stage Book in Book today~
But because of some school project that I have to get done, I realized that I totally didn't have that time,
So instead I shall post the Myojo April scans!!!
Of course this is a very very special magazine to me..why??

Because I didn't want to buy Myojo since I am saving money, and I feel that it's not worth to spend the money just because I want that 1 page of Koichi wearing specs, so..I didn't buy it T___T
However somehow fate has it that during my Jap class 2 weeks ago, one of my classmate who is a HJS fan said that she is going to buy Myojo April issue,
Then I got super excited and told her that Koichi is wearing specs inside~ but I didn't buy cus too expensive T___T
Then the following week (3 days ago) she actually brought Myojo April to class just to show it to me!!!
Because she was sitting like right across me, there is this gap between us where Takatsuka sensei will walk while he teaches,

And she opened that Koichi in specs page and asked "Is it this page?!"
I literally went crazy!!! And stretched out my arms to want to take the magazine,
But both of our hands are not long enough so I asked Takatsuka sensei if he can pass it over to me
And Takatsuka sensei took the magazine and went "Hai Arigatou gozaimasu" and started flipping the magazine looking at Koichi's shoots and IGNORED ME!!! T__________________T

Then finally he opened that page of Koichi wearing specs and showed it to me and asked "Kore desuka?" (Is it this?) And I went "hai hai! T____T" and he moved the magazine in front as if wanting to pass it to me
Just went I stretched out my hands to take it he started moving back!!!
And he kept going front back front back like torturing me as I look at Koichi wearing specs photograph and I just couldn't reach it T__T
The whole class was like laughing at me larrr!! T____T

Hahaha then I read the magazine to my fill and passed it back to her~
And then this conversation happened:
Her: Oh..it's ok~ you can bring it home and return to me when the next lesson starts
Me: Ehhhh?!?! Are you serious?!?! Omg thank you!!!!! Eh..but erm..you wouldn't like it if I bend your magazine to scan it right?
Her: Huh? No, not really
Me: Eh?? Then it means that I can scan????
Her: Yeaa can can~

So it's thanks to her that you guys can actually get such nice scans ok!!!!!!!
Waaa nice people are really everywhere~~ T________T *hugs all the nice people in the world*

Ok I talked too much =X Time for gorgeous scans! =DDD


Tsuyo in Nara~~~


It's very nice~~ I like the way the photo is taken~


This is a very nice picture too~~ hahahahaa

And now for Koichi!!!!!!!!!


Wonder how many people survive =X LOLOL


Hahaha Koichi's favorite world~ LOL
I am soooo interested to see what did he talk about in this interview!!! T____T


The specs is gone~ =(
But still I love this pic!! hahahahaha

Alright that's all!!
For full sized scans click here:


Haha alright hmmm I'll paste the Best Stage April later when I get home
Gotta go Orchard Delfi to register for my Japanese Intermediate 3 class
Tomorrow is the last day to register hahaha
I want my Takatsuka sensei!!!! So I die die have to go like noww!! Today!! =X

PS: Today Koichi has 2 shows for Endless SHOCK too~ Since it's a Saturday.
Right now it's 12.50, which means that the 1pm show in Japan has already started for 50mins.
Which means...IT'S THE SCENE FOR SOLITARY!!!!!! UWAAA T___________T
What a magical timing =XX HAHAHAH
Koichi gambatte!!! Samurai fighting scene will start soon~
Please roll down the stairs carefully ok? ^^
Love you =DD

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