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Ok I updated~~ LOL

Life hasn't been exactly..I don't know
Nothing is wrong with my life
But I just feel this lack of energy to get things done
I sleep every night and wake up every night not knowing what to do
Time to get rid of this feeling of lack of motivation I guess
I guess it's just the time of where I just can't help but thinking "Why am I doing all these? What do I want exactly? And where will I be heading after that?"
This is soooooo bad..I am so screwed if I don't try to stay focused again.

Well other things aside, some small bits that make life a little easier:

Was walking inside the shopping mall near my house and I went inside this shop that sells Japanese groceries..
So I walked in and looked through everything,
Somehow expecting to find something that will remind me of Koichi~
And I saw the DARS chocolate~ Haha
Was thinking if I should buy that because it's not that uncommon over here in Singapore
Will be quite stupid to spend it there when it's overpriced.

Then walking another feel steps ahead this word caught my eye.
I wonder if this sounds familiar to any of you guys?

It's this CM!!

Haha yupp yupp this is such a cute CM~!
And of course after 10+ years the packaging changed hahaha
But still it doesn't stop me from wanting to try how this actually tasted like
And so yupp!!
I bought it!!



Afterwards I walking along the drinks section, hoping maybe this time they will stock Japan milk or something~
But haiiiii of course they don't~~
Why why why?!?! T_______T
I miss Japan milk soooo much =((
Then again something caught my eye again!!
It's 十六茶!!
Everyone should remember the baka promo KinKi Kids tried to do during KinKiYOU concert for 十六茶 right?? hahaha
Well Emily told me that she tried it before but somehow she didn't really like it,
And it really look me very very very long to decide whether I should actually buy it
(Since it's like $2.80, and it will be a waste if I ended up not liking it)
So I tried reading the ingredients page,
It consists of Barley, Brown rice (wth?!?!), Black bean (wth?!?!?!), Orange Peel (OMG?!?!) and Vitamin C. Well the rest of the ingredients are words that I couldn't understand

So in the end I put it back to the shelf..walked a few steps and then turned back and took the 十六茶 and bought it =X LOLOLOL
Well I figured I had to try it at least once =X
So yeaa I bought it!!


And when I opened the cap this smell came out and I was like "Omgg what have I gotten myself into?!?! T____T"
Then I picked up the courage and drank it,
And then i drank it again, and again and again.
Wow it was surprisingly ok for me, even though there's this weird taste
It's like when I drank it, I will get this feeling that I need to drink another mouthful
Weird~ ^^;
Well some of my friends do not like it though,
But I feel that I will probably be going back to buy another bottle to drink =X

And oh, last Wednesday it was Emily's birthday~
So Meiyan and I chipped in and got a jacket made for her!!


Front view~


Back view with flash~


Without flash~

Hahaha it's so nicely done that it made me want to get one made for myself too!!
With the DK logo of course =X HAHAHAHA

And I am floating around the internet and I saw a few pictures for SHOCK
It's so nice I decided to share it here to in case some of you have not seen it yet..


The banner for the 700th show!!
It's sooo nice~~
So sad that I wasn't able to be a part of it T____T


Not sure which magazine this is from,
But I love this picture!!
The intensity in Koichi's face,
And seeing how hard Yara has worked for this year's SHOCK
It just makes me feel so touched T____T


Haha backstage from Endless Days~
LOL I love that costume!!
Somehow I just feel that it's amazing how I am actually "seeing" the cross up close =X LOL

Ok with that I will end my entry~
Probably will disappear again too~ Sorry T___T

PS: OMG I love Meiyan!! HAHAHA Cus she showed me something amazing~~
The cover for Pia Ex!!!
Uwaaaaaa look look!!


So handsome!!!!

Oh my I can't wait for my copy to be shipped from cdjapan!!!!
Waaa Koichi still never fail to make me happy =X LOLOLOL
And Meiyan too hehehehehe ^^

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