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This girl buys waaaaaaaaay too much magazines

Weeee before we get started, I wanna show off this again =X
Ok la those who read my LJ probably already saw it =X
But still I wanna put it here HAHAHAHAHA



My beautiful Yoru no Umi wallie~~~~
Now I can stare at Koichi's beautiful neck, gentle expression
Beautiful costume all I want =XXX HAHAHAHA
I sound like a perv LOL
I love this picture soooo much that if I wasn't going Japan I would've made a biiig tarp out of it =X LOLOLOLOLOL

Today my neighbor is sooooo nice again!!!
My EMS parcel arrived and once again no one is at home!!
I just tracked my mail ystd and saw that it was still in Japan, so I thought it wouldnt reach Singapore yet, much less my doorstep
But when I went home I still had this small little hope and looked down at the floor when I opened the door,
Hoping to see a small slip of paper telling me to go and collect my parcel
However no paper was there =(

Just as I was closing the door,
The little boy that lived next door came running towards me, holding a parcel and said
"Jie jie is this yours?" (Big sister is this yours?)
And I immediately opened the door and ran next door and started thanking my neighbor over and over again LOL
I think she must be shocked as to why I was soooo excited and jumpy as I thanked her LOLOLOL

And as I opened my parcel, I looked at my precious magazines and then
Yes..this thought suddenly occurred.
I buy waaaaaaaaaaaay too much magazines.
You wanna know how much I bought?
Let me just give you a brief idea.

Out of all the KinKi+Koichi covers that I have,
They do not even stand 50% of the magazines that I own.
Yes that is how much magazines I buy.
So let's say if I have 5 KinKi covers, my total amount of magazines is easily more than 10.

Wanna see how crazy I am? LOLOL

This is just the Look at Star! Ovation covers that I currently have:


03-04, 04-05, 05-06, 2009, 2010
Total: 5
Yes I am on a quest to collect all Koichi Look at Star! covers =XX
Hard but am dying trying.

This is the total Koichi covers that I have:


Full view~


A little cut up view.
Yeaaa this includes Best Stage, TV Guide, Only Star and Songs.
Not really a lot if you ask me, since I only bought Koichi covers for 2009 and 2010, and even for 2009 it was only after Koichi released Ayakashi. So I missed the cover for Look at Star! 2009 April issue.

And now for the crazy crazy finale,
This is the total KinKi Kids magazine covers that I have:


Yessss...it consists of 2 Myojo back number, one Wink Up back number,
And TV Guide and TV Guide and TV Guide and TV Guide....
I swear I didn't even know that I had THIS MUCH TV Guide covers
Like omg wth?!?!?! Now I can really see how come I am always sooo broke T___T
And of course Only Star and Shunkan the Television and TV LIFE.

Uwaaaa can you even imagine that out of all these,
There is another 50-60% of the magazines in my house that is totally non-covers??!?!
I buy waaaaaay too much magazines T_____T

Hahaha ok I am too random..
Feeling too tired..and it's a rainy day
Maybe I might go take a nap =X HAHAHAHA

PS: OMG YITING IS REALLY DAMM PRO OK just SECONDS after I updated this entry on my LJ SHE COMMENTED HAHAHAHAHAHA LIKE WTH?!?!?!?! She is really one of the fastest people ever to read my entry already HAHAHAHAHA

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