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Getting to know F1~

From now on, THIS shall be my best friend XD
I am currently reading the rules of the game,
Then slowly I will try to understand how it works and yeaa I am so going to make myself know more about this sport!!

Muhahaha since I know nothing about anything,
Of course I will be supporting Ferrari!! XDD
I will like what Koichi likes so that I can understand what he is saying muhahaha
My Japanese class classmate of mine watches F1 and Ferrari seems to be his favorite too!! Hahaha
I am sooo bugging him every week if I have anything that I don't understand!! XDD

Alright!! Random I know~ hahaha
Alright off to reading the rules =XX Cya!!

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blogged @ Monday, April 12, 2010 11:19:00 AM

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