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I miss Koichi =(

I miss you soooo bad
Life is hard without you =(

My parcel came today yay!
Hahaha but only like 4 of it is my stuff
The rest is all just Meiyan's pamphlets and DVDs LOLOLOL
Have to carry them to town to her tomorrow uwaaa think I might die =X

Anyways I'm here to let you guys listen to this
Not sure how many of you actually went to download the fan recordings for BPM concert,
But for me, what I love the most is the opening of the concert
You guys know that for every concert there will be opening music right,
I feel that BPM has the most beautiful music of all

It has this beautiful Japanese feeling,
Which makes me jump in excitement when I 1st listened to it,
Because I want to know how does the scene actually looks like as this beautiful music is being played!

Haha with that, enjoy!! XD

PS: So beautiful right?!?! Hahaha T____T
Koichi I miss you =((
Can't wait to get B=PASS so that I can have more of your SHOCK =X LOL

Oh yea I watched the making of Endless SHOCK when my DVD came,
And oh my gosh the moment when he rolled down the staircase,
I don't know what to say.
I always loved that scene, and I always rewinded that scene
Cus it looked so unreal, and it feels fun LOL

But when I saw him doing it during the rehearsal,
It looked so scary,
I guess because it's so quiet and you can totally hear the banging of his body against that hard staircase
And when he rolled down and reached the floor his body couldn't stop rolling
Finally when he stopped he went "AHHHHHHHHHH!!" and laughed
Even though he laughed, my heart ached

Then they showed the scene during the actual performance when he rolled down
And right afterwards they shoot the backstage where you can see Koichi walking in from the stage,
And my gosh that scene was one of the most horrifying scenes I have ever seen in my life
Forget about Koichi being super tired,
And the fact that his face IS drenched with a lot of blood,
The moment he started walking he is panting soooo bad that
It's almost like he is dying omg
And he couldn't walk, and the staff had to push him forward to help him walk
Throughout he just kept gasping for breath
And pant and pant and pant...


I know that it's super tiring,
But never would I ever thought that it would be that bad
Or rather this is the 1st time I ever saw you this weak before
And it breaks my heart
For a moment there I was really scared
I cannot even imagine that you have to go through this for 100 times this year,
And went through this over 700 times in your whole life time

Koichi, I really give you my utmost respect,
Once again you have given my coming Japan trip a deeper meaning,
When the day comes where I watch that scene with my very own eyes,
And go off for the intermission, I will be thinking of you...



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