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It sucks~~~

It sucks when you finally get your ass up and started scanning,
And then suddenly your internet just lags like shit
So you cannot upload your files properly,
After 1 hour and the upload is barely half done
Not to mention that you are unable to upload your pictures into photobucket too

Yes it sucks, which means I will have to find another day to do all these again
When I wanna do it like NOW
It sucks..it sucks so bad

On a brighter note, I actually watched the whole Mirror Concert in one seating
And wowwww
I seriously love how sexy Koichi is when he sings SNAKE
Yupp I don't really like the song but I love the performance.
I don't understand how can he be so sexy when he's just standing there with a mike stand,
Stretching his head out to sing with the mike

Yeaa because he has to stretch out, you can see his beautiful neck
Because that song is so seductive, you can see the way his body moves
Yes yes yes I love that performance XD
Maybe I might start listening to that song again,
After skipping it almost every single time it appears on my playlist =X

Yea wanted to sleep early but couldn't resist and did screencaps again ~.~
This girl seriously needs help T___T


Yes he is totally trying to tempt the fangirls when he's singing this song~


Look at the intense expression,
Look at that beautiful delicious neck LOLOL


Kimi ga hoshii~ Kimi ga hoshii~~ (I want you..I want you..)
Oh my I love it when he did this action as he sings that line
Sucks that the DVD made the mosaic effect, which made it unclear as I try to screencap it
If not it will make such a hot phone wallpaper =X


I love this expression!!
His expression is the best when he's singing hahaha


This just makes me go *gasp gasp gasp* LOLOLOL
Yesss now you can understand why I start to like this song as I watch the performance one more time LOL


Don't you just love his shoulders?
I couldn't help noticing them when I was doing this screencap LOL
Not forgetting that forever awesome neck LOL




Yeaaa you like his shoulders and arms too don't you~
And that intensity~ Uwaaaaa
I am going to bed being a happy girl tonight XD

Morning shift tomorrow,
And after completing tomorrow,
I will complete my week of working 5 days a week,
With the 2 rest days being Tuesday and Saturday,
And the previous Sunday working full shift from 930-830pm,
With Monday starting work at 930am and staying in Sentosa until 2am,
Reaching home at 3am due to stock take
And spent the whole of Tuesday sleeping at home due to major lack of sleep,
Then marathon-ing work from Wednesday to Friday,
And spent my Saturday in Japanese class and scanning,
Finally tomorrow will be the end of the tiring week

Next week hopefully the Sentosa chalet will fall in place,
And I will get to enjoy 2 nights of relaxation
Yupp yupp, and Songs April issue will be reaching Kino on Monday, 8pm
Ooops I just announced it here =X
Hopefully no one will snatch with me T__T
If you wanna snatch at least leave one for me please?? =D

Alright alright yosh yosh!
Time to sleep!!
Minna oyasumi!! ^^

Let's see the super hot picture one more time =X


HAHAHA Sorry couldn't help it =X
Bah this is my blog I can post whatever I want so =X

Here come another one!!


HAHAHAHA Okok I am seriously going to sleep

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