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A short entry before I leave for work~

I don't feel like going to work...
After the chalet I actually fell sick
Or rather I fell sick during the chalet, air con was too cold and the next day I had quite a bad flu
I thought it would be alright after I reach home
I was right and I was wrong.

I was alright after resting but somehow it will still come back and haunt me from time to time
Now my nose is super blocked and my throat still feels weird
Ahhhh and I have to endure 8 hours of work later~ =(
Luckily for me (I hope) I will be going down to Hub 3 which is beach area,
Which is quite slow paced, maybe will be better for me =)

Ahhh alright before I leave I just wanna post this lol
Saw it from Johnnys-net hahaha
Koichi appeared in newspaper again!
And well I think he's talking about F1 again?
Damm I really hope I can get copies of such newspaper here!!

Here's it:


Haha I want to read the content of this newspaper more than anything
Nothing makes me happier than to read Koichi talking about what he loves
Someone teach me about F1!!!!!!!
Like seriously I want to know where I can watch the F1 matches,
I want to know the rules,
I want to know how the matches goes,
And I wanna know the main popular drivers,
Or rather Koichi's favorite drivers XDD
Anyone? T___T *puppy eyes*


He is sooo handsome!!
I swear now is like his handsome period again!!
No more of that curly hair,
He has beautiful highlights T_____T
Me wants!!!!!
Because of SHOCK he slimmed down and his face is so sharp!!
And somehow he looked a little tanned! I wonder why hahaha
Uwaa I hope this period will last

Argh my nose is kiling me~~
Gotta go off for work now~~~
Cya~~ =((

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blogged @ Sunday, April 11, 2010 7:33:00 AM

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