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Sick of it..sick of it..

I'm so sick of having to try and deal with life
Why can't humans be normal?
Why can't everything just be normal?
Why can't time just fly faster where I can finally meet my dream guy
I really want out!

Argh but too bad life is just like a game of Survivor..
You are stuck in this pathetic island with limited resources with this group of people
Yes you are trying to hard to be the ultimate Survivor which ultimately you will have to lie, backstab or manipulate people to get what you want..
Even though you do not have to deal with the jury,
But like what happens in Survivor, what you did will eventually come back to haunt you.
Yeaa that's life. Sad but true.

But unlike Survivor, there is one huge and scary difference.
In Survivor the moment you feel like you cannot take it anymore,
The moment you feel like you no longer want to continue with the game,
All you have to do is let Jeff know and a boat will come and bring you back.
But no life doesn't work that way.
When you feel like you can't take it anymore, well..crash and burn my friend =)

So sorry this entry is so depressing
Well..I just woke up and couldn't really think of anything else
On a bright side I'm still alive though XD

I seriously love Koichi's 月夜ノ物語!!


Hahaha yeaa Ero-poi lyrics I know~
Whatever。。I love Koichi's Ero-poi lyrics! XD
Maa Going off now~ Cya..

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