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Yay~ Parcel opening!! XD

Hahaha wanted to update earlier but was feeling soooo emo just now that I left this blogging page open for like 1 hour plus LOL
Then the funny thing happened.
I went to talk to Eliza and then she started to call me through SKYPE
i accepted the phone call anyways, even though I know that I don't have a mike installed LOLOL
So as she's speaking I just kept quiet and typed out my replies through SKYPE
Then after that she kept saying "OMG I think this is going to be a one way thing" and I laughed out loud.
Eliza then went "OMG I CAN HEAR YOU!!! YOU GOT MIKE LA!!!"
So I immediately went "EHHH?!?! MAJI?!?!?!?!YOU CAN HEAR ME?!?!" and she said yea she can and hence began our 1st SKYPE phone conversation HAHA

It's seriously so fun omg!
Eliza I love you!!!! For cheering me up and for allowing me to discover that I can do SKYPE phone calls with the unseeable mike on my laptop! HAHAHAHA
This is cool shit! lOL

Alright~~ hahahaha finally I am going to talk about something related to my entry title ~.~
Seriously it's thanks to my neighbor that I am actually able to receive my parcel yesterday LOL
So let's take a deeper look XD


My big big parcel LOL
Seriously I don't understand why such a huge box is needed when inside is only like 3 tubes of posters and 1 calendar about the size of a pizza box =X


This is how it looked like initially,
Luckily I had a pair of scissors with me, because this parcel is freaking hard to open barehanded LOLOLOL


LOL Yeaaa you can see, thats how they positioned my 3 poster tubes and my calendar box HAHAHA

I won't be taking photographs of the calendar since most of you have seen the scans already hohoho~

Posters posters posters!!! =X
It consists of 4 posters, 2 39 posters and 2 SHOCK posters hehehehe
Go on go on!!!

First off, the 39 group poster:


Oh sorry if some of the shoots look abit distorted,
I can't take a direct shot because of the flash,
And if I take without flash it will look super duper ugly =(


And this is how it looks like on my room wall~~ Hehehehe


And my Koichi 39 poster!!!!
Hahaha love this!!!


LOL I love this so much that this poster almost stayed on the wall permanently =XX

And here comes the funny story,
I actually bid for a poster that I didn't actually want,
But I just wanna try and see if the system actually works,
And then no one outbid me so I won! LOLOLOL
Yeaa a bit waste money I know,
But then again, is it really a waste of money? XD


In the end when I tried to hang it up on the wall it turned out to look SOOOOO KAKKOII!!!!! UWAAA MY GOSHHHH!!!!!!!
Yeaaa nothing about Koichi is a waste of money XD


Yeaa~~ and this is how it looks like when it's hung in my room~
So nice right!! T_____T
Yeaaa I really didn't want to take it down too =((

But then again,
I did..to make room for....



I don't even know what else to say
Love the hair love the face love the outfit!!!


A closer shoot =XX


Yesss and this is how it looks like when it's hung on my wall~~
Hahahaha so nice!!!!
And currently this is the poster that is hanging there..hehe

In case you guys were wondering, I only have 1 plastic wrapper for my poster, which is why I can only hang one poster and not able to hang the others up
Of course I wouldn't damage my poster by ACTUALLY using the blue tack and paste it on the wall right? Hahahaha

Even at times right now,
When I turn my head and my eyes accidentally meet Koichi's eyes in the poster,
I still get this doki feeling =X
Yes I need to get used to it ^^;

Hahahahaha so for now hmm....
Anyone thinks that I should be hanging up any other poster apart from this?
Or is this the poster that I should have hanging in my room right now? XD
Let me know!!! Hehehehehehe

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