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Damm you exams!

Argh didn't expect myself to update again until I well, finish my exams
But dammit dammit because of exams today totally doesn't feel like a Sunday at all!
Because basically on Sundays I go to work in the morning and reach home at night dead tired,
And because I am so deprived of fun at work I will keep thinking about Koichi,
Which means that I probably wouldn't forget the fact that there is SDK TODAY!!!

Because I am home studying,
I am so exhausted all I'm thinking is DAMMIT GET THIS OVER AND DONE WITH LAST PAPER!!!!!
And when eating my dinner I went to watch Bloody Monday..until MEIYAN TALKED TO ME saying: Hey, you never watch SDK ah?

I feel sooooooo freaking guity la urgh
Well on the bright side Meiyan showed me a few pictures from today's episode and awwww
This one picture totally just cheered me up!!


And yes I am totally staring at Koichi's aho face
Damm I miss him T______T
I just can't wait for this 2 months to just fly so that I am finally happy in Japan with my dearest Koichi T____T

On a bright note,
Tomorrow is my last paper!! WOOHOO!!
And best of all it's in the morning at 10am!!
Which means by noon I WILL BE FREE MUHAHAHAHA
And I am thinking of going to the saloon to get a haircut (Like finally) and highlight my hair too!!!
Well I'm still not sure what color I wanna highlight but most probably it should be gold,
You know, the Koichi color in Mirror period..
Yupp I really love that color so I think I might be doing it again XD

Alright going off now, everyone take care!!!!

PS: Vanilla if you are reading this T___________T So sorry I seem to have disappeared T_____T How have you been? Are you doing well? Man I need to start writing to you again T___T *hugssss*

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