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Just a little update

Well exams are still going on,
Had my 3rd paper yesterday so 3 PAPERS DOWN!!
One last paper on Monday and I'll be free~~~~~~

Well paper yesterday sucked
I really have a strong feeling that I might have to retain for the year ~
If I do this will be the 1st time in my life I ever retained
Ahh I guess I'm just not cut out for studying anymore T___T

After paper went to watch soccer match and it sucked too
What is up with referees who are soooo fking biased?
Whatever happened to integrity and sportsmanship?
It's like argh~~ sometimes you just frown at all the imperfections in life =(

Maa anyways better start studying for my Commercial Law paper,
Even though it's open book but I know I'm pretty much screwed =(
Just hope for the best I guess~~~

Alright and let's look at what's in store next week on Tuesday onwards right after my exam ends

Work Schedule:
Tuesday - Full shift (930am-830pm)
Wednesday - Afternoon shift (1130am-830pm)
Friday - 1030am-730pm
Sunday - Morning shift (930am-1230pm at Merlion, 1230pm-630pm at Hub 3..beach again? zz)

Well that pretty much sums up my life after exams
Work work work work~
Maa like what Eliza said, takes my mind off things LOLOL
Well, just be glad that money will be coming in~~
Ahh I cannot believe it's May already!!
2 more months to go!!! Cmon Jiayou girl!
And you will finally get to meet your wonderful guy of all time,
Who probably won't give you ups and downs
And will always make you smile =D


My perfect guy~~ XD

Haha alright going off now~
Cya~~ ^^

UPDATE: Hahaha cannot believe today is actually Koichi day LOL
Cus it's 1st May, but in Japan it's kinda like 5月1日 and tada~~ 51!!

Alright on this 51 day I shall do what Koichi always does,

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