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And here comes another entry...

Well had a dream yesterday, dreamed of someone whom I have never seen for a very very long time, and was quite surprised because I havent thought about that person for a very long time le..well its just a random dream though..just that after that dream it made me thought of that person again and made me curious about how that person is doing now. LOL

Alright back to the main topic..this entry is supposed to be about the Jap class last sat..since Yiting is already complaining that I asked the pictures from her on Sun and havent even updated until now LOL. Yiting woohoo here I am updating it le =DD

As usual I was late for Jap class, and nice Takatsuka sensei didnt scold me again LOL..I really need to start getting early for class..especially if I dont wanna sit beside someone again HAHAHAHA.. The lesson proceeded on as usual..until..Takatsuka sensei gave us a surprise test LOL. And we are supposed to write everything in Hiragana!! Everyone was like OMGOMGOMGOMG DIE DIE DIE LOL. Well I managed to write 27 words out of 52 words la, but technically still fail LOL. After the test Takatsuka sensei gave us back our homework for last week, and this is something I've got to show you guys LOL.

This is how the 1st page of my homework looks like:

Zooming in on the words at the corner, what he wrote is Jap was 'good work' and he actually wrote 'very good' in chinese as well!! Never have I been praised in 3 different languages before lol.

This is how the other pages of my homework look like:

And next page:

And next page:

Well, you get the idea..

LOL upon seeing these, I couldnt help it but ask him whats with all the lollipop thinggy, and guess what he said? He said that it means very good. LOLOLOL!!! omg this is the 1st time I have seen a teacher mark it this way LOLOL..but well its kind of special huh? And I kinda liked it LOL!!

After teaching what he was supposed to, he took out this stack of origami papers and asked all of us to choose 3 colours, so both Yiting and I chose our colours and started our origami.

Yiting's colour:



Well Yiting originally wanted to choose her ACJC's colours, while I just chose my favourite colours, but somehow it ended up that the colours that I choose looked like PJC's colours too! Just that I chose light blue instead of white. HAHA!!

So Takatsuka sensei taught us how to fold the origami and it was quite interested, and these are the pictures.


Halfway through...


End product..


Halfway through...

End product...

Yupp, isnt it cute?? Haha well I do hope that I can learn more origami from Jap class, so far I only know how to fold the paper crane, the gold ingot and camera, which was taught to me by my Jap friend when I went to Japan during sec 3, but it seems that I have forgotten much of it already, haha..and now I learn something new!! weee haha..

After that folding Takatsuka sensei gave us a small piece of paper each and taught us how to sing this children's song, the elephant song, which some of you or rather most of you have heard it before..haha..and he took out a harmonica and blew the tune for us, and taught us the words to sing it! LOL!! Omg that was like one of the best lessons Ive had hahaha..

After lesson Yiting and I went for dinner and caught a late night show, this movie called Role Models, those who havent watched it yet should give it a shot, I think this show is funny and someone worth watching..I enjoyed that show more than He's just not that into you though..dont ask me why hahaha..

Alright Im really really tired already, and I guess I wont be posting any Lu chen's videos for this entry cause Im really beat and I dont know what video I should post and doesnt seem like much people do watch those videos either, so yea..

Oh before I forgot when I get the photos from XiaoWei already I shall update on the farewell party for XiuMin my sec sch friend who is leaving for China until July as well as the birthday celebration of Mui Mui and Huiying which are held together as well..Till then..cya!! And I still wanna say...


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