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Jap class wooo!!

Wow, had my 1st Japanese lesson today, and it was GREAT! The teacher was Takatsuka sensei, and we started the lesson with basic pronunciations and simple conversations. Takatsuka sensei was damm funny, he will ask everyone individual questions in Jap and we will have to reply him in Jap, and when reaching the end which is where Yiting and I sit, he will always come up with some weird questions because he ran out of questions to ask! Haha..

He's one of the more interesting teachers I've come across, and to my amazement, for the whole 3 hour lesson, there was NOT one minute or one second that I feel like sleeping!! Isnt it just amazing?!?! Yuan shan not falling asleep in an air conditioned 3 hour lesson..LOL!!
That ought to set some guiness world record haha!

After lesson Yiting and I went to TCC for dinner, and omg that place, the food is freaking expensive!! I bought one lagsane for 16 bucks!! I feel so cheated and wasteful, especially since I only finished half of the lagsane, cus my stomach was filled with their cookies and cream milkshake! Wooo I tell you that is one of the better cookies and cream milkshake I have ever tasted, apart from the one from Billy Bombers. That cookies and cream milkshake cost me 7.70 bucks as well, so it was one of the more expensive meals Ive had since my last visit to a restaurant.

After eating we practically sat at the restaurant and chatted for more than one hour..hohoho, and ended up leaving only at 11plus, and in the end we cabbed home hehe..

Well thats all for today, and I guess that perhaps I will want to post my favourite Liu Qian's magic video every now and then, haha..interested people can watch, not interested can just leave wooo. I want to make everyone a fan! =D

PS: I love his hair in this magic, one day I shall highlight my hair to this colour! ^^

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blogged @ Sunday, February 8, 2009 1:26:00 AM

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