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Finally? Oo

Lol and another week has passed. To me this week has been quite a fulfilling week even though I am currently unemployed and waiting for my pay to come, with less than $100 in my bank account. ~.~

Throughout this week, I have met up with Peixin for almost more than half the week, and she stayed at my house in one of the nights... >=) And met up with Jen and Peixin and went to gym together, and went to gym once more the next day by myself, and went swimming with my baby sister yesterday. Woot this is one hell of an exercise week LOL..its really been a damn damn long time since I felt such ache in my muscles LOL

Like I said, went swimming with my baby sister yesterday, and wow! I enjoyed every single bit of it! I totally had forgotten how fun it was to be inside the water and swim.. even though there was this huge responsibility on my that I really have to take care of my 6 year old baby sister apart from the fact that I DUNNO HOW TO SWIM..I still enjoyed hehe. Most prob I will be going to swim again on Monday, hehe..hope I can say bye bye to my fats asap.. LOLOL

And at that same night, I was playing Mahjong with my family members, and WOOT!! I won quite abit!! Hehe..For those who understand the game of Mahjong, I was the "boss" and I continued to be the boss for 3 times!!! SHIOK ANOT?!?!?! Haha..and these are the winning tiles of my victory for the 3 rounds hehe..

1st round (Full suit):

2nd round (Full suit AGAIN):

3rd round (Full suit with big cards):

Nice anot?!?! Haha!! If only that can happen in real life, I wouldve won lots and lots of money LOLOL!!ANYONE UP FOR MAHJONG GAMES!! FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW I WANNA PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!

Went to Japanese Class today alone today, cause Yiting last minute had to attend her stuffs, and I was late AGAIN T___T Haha..sat beside Hazel and well, the lesson was not too bad la..got bullied by Takatsuka sensei T___T cus there was a part of the lesson whereby he taught us the process of a phone conversation, and after teaching he suddenly went:
"Moshi Moshi, Yuanshan san desu ka?" (Hello, is this yuanshan?)
Being totally unprepared, I just replied:
"Hai, Yuanshan desu" (Yes this is yuanshan)
"Yiting san irundesuka?" (Is yiting there?)

At this point of time, there is a formal way of saying that she is not here, and I FORGOT HOW TO SAY IT, so while panicking, I ransacked my notes and try to find that right thing to say, and apparently it took awhile, and Takatsuka sensei, being the evil teacher, kept going:

LOLOL!! Basket la you cannot imagine how funny and paiseh that was, and I just kept laughing and laughing and finally found what to say. ~.~

Oh yea he gave us back the surprise test that he tested 3 TIMES today too. And I was quite proud of my achievement. Hehe..the following are the pictures of my test paper for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time respectively.

1st attempt of test (Was completely caught off guard):

2nd attempt of test (Didnt study cus didnt except the exact same test to be given twice):

3rd attempt of test (Got pissed off and went to study up all the hiragana characters LOL):

WOOOT as you can see, for the 3rd attempt, I GOT FULL MARKS!!!! =DD No red pen handwriting inside the boxes means I am correct la lol..and I really felt quite happy..haha cus its the 1st time I studied for something and I got the results that I am satisfied with..hehe and this made me want to work harder for my Japanese class so that I can score well for the final exam, and ace it at one go and proceed on with Elementary 2 =DD

After lesson went back to JP to meet up with my mum and baby sister for dinner. Hehe..went to eat at E.A.T LOL! I gotta recommend that place man..its open for 24 hours, serves nice Laksa and have super nice Fish Tofu!! Anyone wanna ton around Jp should definitely go there for supper! Haha.. Took some photos of my baby sis too.. was trying so hard to make her smile, cus apparently whenever the camera is pointed in her face she will smile until so fake, which makes her so uncute LOL!~! So these are the photos that I ended up taking LOL:

LOL thats all..haha..anyone have any suggestions how to make her smile normally? LOLOL..or maybe thats something that she'll learn while growing up I guess..LOL
After that we went to buy Hagen Daaz Cookies and Cream ice cream, and I gotta say, the Cookies and Cream ice cream in Hagen Daaz is SUPER FREAKING NICE!! Its nicer than Ben and Jerry, nicer than Andersons, nicer than Swensons and even nicer than Hokkaido ice cream!!!!!! So people who have $5.50 to spare, do go and give it a try =)

Alright and finally, what is a blog entry if my dear favorite magician is not mentioned? LOL!! This is by far the scariest magic trick I have ever seen..If you are one of the guests or the audiences will you dare do what they did inside the video? LOL!! Watch the video to find out! Its definitely worth your time! And now its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: AMAZING AND SCARY RIGHT!!! He's damm evil lar!! The way he made them do it. If its me I wouldve just kept beating him even though I am safe. ITS JUST TOO EVIL!!! Haha..but the look that he has when he pressed their hands is damm funny! He's like totally enjoying it LOLOL!!

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