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Just feeling..

Weeet I just cant describe how much I am enjoying this series after I bought the whole DVD box set for $150 bucks. Call me crazy if you can but this is something that I have wanted for many many years after my 'friend' borrowed my whole precious set and never came back with it. That Bitch. Haha..the reason why I get so angry is because some of the episodes cant be found anymore, and that whole collection was what I worked hard to find them. Some even buy all the way from Malaysia, which is why you can never imagine how thrilled I am when I saw that whole series lying in the DVD shop at Suntec City!! Without any hesitation I grabbed the 4 boxset and went off and pay it with my card LOLOL!!

To all the Jap drama fans out there, Poh Kim DVD shop at Suntec City 2nd floor has alot alot of Japanese dramas!! Old new you name it they have it there! Well the more popular ones anyway..haha..

Well another purpose of this entry is to remember the great evening I had yesterday. Its been a really really long time since I last met up with you, and thanks so much for making the journey worth it, and the effort worth it. Its been a very long time since I last felt so happy, and I just wanna say thanks, and I cant wait to see you again ^^ POKES =)

Well at this point I know some of you guys wanna kill me already. But recently I just feel that many people around me are not exactly in a happy mood, and since they say laughter is contagious, and I love it when I see people smiling because it just makes me feel so much better, especially when Im feeling moody. And when Lu Chen smiles it completely sublimes my heart. So hope that this might cheer some of you up. =X

Well its official, 6th March 2009 Pioneer Junior College 2:30pm. That will be the exact moment that seals my fate. This is it. Whether it be laughter or tears nothing can change and nothing will change. I just wanna wish everyone all the best and to myself too T___T

And whether you're reading or not, this is for you. Everytime I listen to this song it will just make me think of you. And I just want to share this lyrics with everyone else.

The lyrics are taken from HERE

To Heart - Kinki Kids

I want to tell you about this love
Even ordinary words will do

I want to hear your voice a little longer on this starry night

Our fates are connected by cellphones
In a corner of this big universe
No matter how far apart we are
My heart is sure to reach you

Just having you
Makes me so strong that I could break
I’ll channel all my sadness
And have faith that my heart will reach you

I want to tell you about this wish
Even words you hear all the time will do

That night I felt anxious
That you’d go somewhere far away

I softly touched your fingers so I wouldn’t lose you in the crowd
I can feel your warmth
But my heart won’t reach you

I made a promise in that place
That I’d protect you so much that I felt like crying
I’ll channel all my sadness
And have faith that my heart will reach you

They say the night makes the sun suffer so that night can come
Nothing is forever, yet the stars
Still shine above us...

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