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Well A level results have been released, and I didnt do very well though. These are my results:

General Paper - B
H2 Maths - D
H2 Chem - D
H2 Econs - B
H1 Geog - A
H1 Chinese - C
Project Work - B

Well as you can see I got almost all the alphabets in my result slip. I dont really know what course can I get in and which course will accept me. What lies in the near future is still unclear, and I just hope for the best.

To Yiting: Congrats on your results! I just hope that you'll be able to decide what youre gonna take soon eh? And really thanks for helping me with my geog if not there will be no A inside this result slip =D NEXT WEEK MORE DOU HUA OK!!!!! =X

Yesterday went to Jap class and for once, I AM NOT LATE!!!
I went and sat down inside the class and Takatsuka sensei came in and saw me and said:
'ooh, Yuanshan san kyou wa haiyai desu ne!' (Ooh, today Yuan shan is early LOL!)
Then I replied him:
'Hai, hajimete desu! Ureshii desuka?'(Yea,this is the 1st time, are you happy?)and Takatsuka sensei replied:
'yea very happy LOLOL!!'

He's damm cute la!! Omg I hope that when Elementary 1 course end already I can still go his class when I pick up Elementary 2 haha T____T.

Takatsuka sensei started teaching everything in Hiragana already. Woo the highness haha! Lucky I went to revise my work before going to the lesson, haha but I still will get stunned and read the words wrongly la. Still not very used to it, and HE GAVE THE SAME SAME TEST AGAIN!!!!!

LUCKY THIS TIME I WENT TO STUDY HAHAHA!! I think my hiragana will get close to full marks la, but the words I forgot like 3 out of 5 so yea..LOLOL!! But overall the lesson was very fun.!! ^^

Today went to do some Tootz maths tutoring. Haha well enjoyed it alot ^^ Really really love spending time with you haha =)

Tmr I dont really have any plans in mind, except to look through the University courses and decide what luck I should try O.O Maybe I should go for a massage at Jurong Point. They are having this $10 massage service for 15mins of any body part of your choice, neck and shoulder; head; arms or legs la..maybe after I try it already and if I think its good I shall recommend it to you guys ^^

Oh ya I realised that everytime I visit my blog, my counter is jumping but there are no new tags!! People if you are here do leave a comment and let me know that you came by alright! Haha ^^

And to end this post, same thing I would like to post this video of Lu Chen doing a trick, which in the end he will actually expose the trick and show us how it is actually done! Interested people do stay behind and watch it! ^^

PS: Yup yup for those who have finished watching this video, either youre laughing like mad or youre mad like mad LOLOL! But I still gotta say 'GOOD ONE!' And the way he does it is still damm super cute! ^^

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