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*Touched* T__T

Dear friends
I am sorry I can`t type Chinese words with this computer.
I can`t smile,I can`t say any joke...I can`t perform..I am so tired!
But I still want to say:Thankyou so much for your support.
I love the Chocolat from you,i am eating now...
I love the letters booklet from you,it gave me a big suprise.
I love the flowers and gifts from you,as well.
you are the most important people for me,because the only reason that I stand on stage is only for you.
i will never do any“耍大牌”things to you.
I really need to take a break.
Thank you ,my best fans.

Lu Chen

Well sorry guys I know you guys want me to blog less of him, and actually I went home today wanting to blog about anything but him, but somehow fate has it that I went to click this button and led me to this website and made me see this message from him in the baidu website.

Well when I saw this, I just felt that wow, despite how busy and tired he is he actually bothered to post this little message to his fans and let them know that he is not being dua pai or anything, just very tired. This certainly counts for something huh? Lol

Alright enough about him. Today nth much, went for Jap class, well MRT at my place has finally opened!! But Yiting called and said that its raining damm heavily so in the end I took a train to Dover and got off, and cabbed to Delfi..I know Im dumb thank you very much. Called for a cab too..money fly away T___T

Well apparently Takatsuka sensei decided to see whether he have improved anot and woot he gave us another surprise test, which is EXACTLY THE SAME TEST THAT HE GAVE US LAST WEEK!!! damm it! I should have studied man omg T__T hahaha, but well Im sure that I got more correct this time round that last time la hahaha..

After lesson Yiting and I went for dinner at cineleisure, and she intro-ed me this dou hua thinggy, which alright la its not bad..haha..Yiting if you're reading this, next time we can go there and drink the douhua again, and challenge the big version one >=) hehe.

We went to watch Marley and Me, and I have to say the movie was not too bad la..haha..as much as I dont like 'white poster' movies, I find that this show is quite heart warming. I dont like shows where girls compete for guys or steal their boyfriends, but this show is more about how a dog brings a family together, and I think thats very sweet and heartwarming. Almost cried at the end la..haha..People who are free to watch this show. I would recommend this much much more than He's just not that into you. Yupp I said it. =)

After the movie went past this shop and saw this lovely necklace and this nice ring and this handband. And guess what? Yepp I BOUGHT THEM ALL. Cost me $34 bucks in total, excluding the handband which cost $15 which I am supposed to collect next Saturday.


Well this is the end of my entry, and since I have seen a very nice message from Lu Chen, I believe that I need to post a video of him for this entry. So people who are not interested can start to leave now =) But I'll say you'll be missing out on damm alot of stuffs if you do; =)

Once again its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: This is actually a trick that most magicians does, the coin thinggy, but the way he performs it is freaking good, and amazing and God I LOVE THE ENDING!!! WOO LOVE YOU!!!!

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