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Wisdom tooth

LOL called the tootz today and found out that his Wisdom tooth had grown out, and tomorrow he'll be going to the dentist to pluck it out. T____T Poor tootz, hope he doesnt end up like that guy in the picture. =XX All the best for your wisdom tooth k? Hehe..POKES! ^^

Met up with Peixin and Yiting today.
Gave Yiting the notes for the Jap class that she missed last week, and sort of taught her through some of the things that were taught during the lesson.
Peixin joined us after that, and I got to say the DOUBLE CHOCOLATE at McCafe is FREAKING NICE!!!!
The way the drink is being ice blended, and the way the oreo cookies are being blended inside, and as you drink it, you can taste bits of oreo cookies inside and you can bite them too!!
The feeling is just like heaven I tell you. LOL

The best part is, it only cost $4:50!!!!
I think? Oo
Cant really remember, but its definitely around that price, so its definitely affordable!! People out there, GO TRY IT!!!!! =D

Then we went shopping and I went price checking.
Wanna buy a Lava Lamp and a Plasma Lamp for myself, have wanted that since a long long time ago haha..
Realised that there's this shop where they sell one for $35 and 2 for $60, so decided that after getting my pay I shall buy one for myself and one for my sis =D

Went to Art Box and looked around, and I found this super nice black notebook and a super nice blackboard, and weee I bought them both hahaha. Super freaking nice I tell you!!!

The nice little black book which says "Life is a beautiful journey" Dont you agree? Oo Indeed life is beautiful, especially with my Tootz and Magician around ^^

My pretty little BlackBoard. Dont bother to comprehend what I wrote there la, you'll die after I tell you =D Realized that it makes a nice little emergency mirror too! ^^

Yupp thats all I have for today, and good news is I wont be putting up any magic videos, so you guys can go celebrate. So to sum it up.....

BEHOLD!! THE CUTEST MAGICIAN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >=)

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