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Excitement with a little wee bit of anxiety

Yesterday while shopping around town, I received a call
It was from NTU!! They asked me to go down for an interview for Sociology!!
I was so nervous that my mood totally went off, and in the end I went to shop for formal clothes for the interview

Today, the interview date
Had a written test for 50mins, gave us a passage and answer 2 questions
The passage was about how human behavior is being influenced by the friends they hang around with, as well as the friends of the friends they hang around with
Not at all

Shall talk about that later.
The questions are 'what are the author's main arguments and why is it significant?' and 'what are the points that the author has used for the argument as well as to refine his argument?'
Sounds simple?
So i dont really know how and what to write
So I just wrote out whatever that comes to my mind. T____T

Oh ya and I actually waited around 1 hour before its my turn for the interview lol
And the interview was quite alright la~

Back to the passage
So it said that the behavior of people depends on the friends they hang around with, and the friends of the friends they hang around with.
So it is actually said that happy people tend to cluster together, but thats not the case
It is because the friends are happy hence influencing a network of people to be happy as well

Similarly, if an individual hangs around with people who are suffering of obesity problem,
The risk of that individual gaining weight is significantly much higher
This is because as the people around them grow in size, they gradually think that it is acceptable to have that kind of weight and size.

Hence in conclusion
You might not admit it, but this will subconsciously influence your brain LOL
After reading this I think nobody wants to be my friend anymore T____________T

Anyway I have been wanting to blog about this since last week, but only today I can find the mood to haha
Last week during Labour day, I went to Settler's Cafe with Jiayan and Yikai
And met up with other cell mates over there
Played some games..haha its very fun LOL
But shant bother to explain the game cus you guys most prob never heard of it as well haha
Wanted to play BANG but just when Tommy finished explaining the game time's up!
Then we had to leave LOL so sad right

After that I went off with Jiayan and Yikai and went to Raffles City and I bought a new bible!! =D

SOOOOO nice right!!!!!
Its a metal cover bible, the pages are actually attached to the metal casing
I love it because mainly its BLACK
And also because I hate it when I read books and the spine is being damaged.
So for this bible, THE SPINE WONT BE DAMAGED!!!
I just pray(and i really mean pray) that it wont rust so easily T____T

The metal spine

The magnet to shut the Bible tightly

The inside of the Bible. Book attached to the metal cover =DD

SO nice right!
Now that I can understand this version of the Bible, I actually find it enjoying to read it!
Its so addictive that you just wanna know what goes on and continues haha
Well people who havent even started reading it should start now! =D
Im trying trying to read it everyday T__T
God give me the will and strength to do so I pray.

After buying the Bible, we went to Bugis, and went to this shopping mall towards the left of Bugis Street.
Yikai then brought us to this shop called Anime Otaku, and inside the shop, there are TONS AND TONS OF ANIME STUFFS!!
They even have the Orihime hairpins lar!~
And they have all possible cosplay costumes!
And it looks damm exact!
But of course they come at a very expensive price >=D

I went into the shop and I saw something and I fell in love with it immediately
And I bought it!!! =D
What is it???


Woooo omg it looks damm real and it looks damm nice
Really really very nice LOL
To make sure that I see it everyday, I hang it on my cupboard of my computer table
See how it doesnt get big enough to block my computer screen, and yet maintains a nice angle to make it look nice =X

Time for my hollow transformation:

LOL spastic I KNOW!!!!
Hahaha but its really damm fun
Ok la im like a small kid.
But whatever~~ haha

Anyways I actually meant to update this entry like hours ago
But something happened and it changed my emotions rapidly and hence delayed the updating of this post.

Just to make things clear once and for all,
Yes, Yuanshan is officially single now =D
So sudden right?
I guess I was the naive one
I used to think that if I treated people well and be true to them
And cared for then from the bottom of my heart
They wouldnt bear to hurt me
They would know how to appreciate me and hence treasure me
The last thing they would think about is hurting me

I guess people are just like that
They take kindness for granted
They take what you do for them like a part and parcel of life
They put you in the last place of their lives
Material possesions actually matter to them more than you are to them
You may argue and say that its not true
But sorry, thats what I feel, and I know that I am not wrong
Anyone who reads this, or any girl, can come to me and tell me that they want to remain friends with a guy, who dumped her, and then found another girlfriend for himself 2 weeks after the breakup, and expect her to understand is BULLSHIT
If there is any girl who can come up to me and tell me that, I will give her a tight slap in the face and ask her to fucking wake up

I am sorry for this language but the Yuanshan here is no longer the nice Yuanshan that used to be trampled on by anyone anymore.
This is the last straw
I've learned
This time for real
I really learned
Kindness begets kindness
Is that true?
But only those who are worthy of receiving the kindness will give kindness back
The rest are just not even worth mentioning about
Yes I know I will still treat people with all that I have to offer,
And be the best that I can ever be
But just know this
The moment you ever betray me
Sorry you will unleash the Yuanshan that no one will ever wants to see
I am serious
So please to people who are reading this
Dont try it
I dont like it and you wont like it

I dont even care if you are reading this, for Im sure I already made my message clear when I last talked to you
And if you want me to take down what I said, sorry cant be done
Because I dont even see a reason why I should even listen to you anymore...

Alright enough about unhappy things.
I guess there is but only one person in this world that can really make me smile, and that is
Yupp yupp!! ^^ Thanks to Yiting who designed and CREATED this wonderful blogskin,
I know I wont do that to you in real life lar..
So you dont need to be scared..
Or maybe you're actually sad?? Oo hahahahaha

Alright anyways I wanna show you guys this wonderful trick that he did
Its been a long time anyway so NO COMPLAINS!!
Once again, its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: The 1st trick is really amazing lar!!! And his expression at 1:01 is classic~!
If you guys think its wasting time, just watch the 1st two tricks!!
Its enough to leave your jaws dropping!! =D

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