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KinKi Kids Forever~~

Hey yo!
I'm back~~ =D
Today went out to town with Yiting and we went to HMV
For we have our own stuffs that we want to shop for hehe

So I started looking for my KinKi Kids album Phi and I found it!
Basket inside is the complete album songs plus the DVD for their concert!!
Usually for KinKi Kids right, their albums are named in alphabetical order, for instance "Album A, Album B" and so on..
However this time, the album is named as "Album Ø"

This Album marks their 10th anniversary together as KinKi Kids!!
Hence to show appreciation to their fans, they decided that this album should be special, and will move away from their normal way of naming the albums by alphabets.
And also, Ø is also another way of writing the number 10
Nice ehs? lol

Time really really flies
I still remember when I was around P4 or P5 when I first watched "Kindaichi Shounen no Jikembo" which was how I got to know about Domoto Tsuyoshi, and hence found out that he belonged to this group called KinKi Kids.
Thanks to my Yan Jie Jie, who used to like them too, and bought their albums despite her mother not allowing her to (LOL), I was given the chance to listen to their songs
And I loved it!

The 1st KinKi Kids album that I actually own was Album C, and from then on whenever I found out that new KinKI Kids album are out, I will try and try to persuade my mum to buy it for me. (Last time young no money ma)
And hence began my fandom for KinKi Kids
I started buying their dramas and posters and download their pictures when I started owning a computer of my own.

Sad to say that when I was still young, I didnt know how to appreciate how great KinKi Kids were.
I only listen to their songs by the melody of the songs, and not knowing what are the meanings behind those songs, as well as neglecting how beautiful their voices were.
And to top it off, during my Secondary School days, I stopped listening to their songs until I was Secondary 4.
It was then I realised that they had split up and went to cut their own Singles and hold their own concerts.
Even if so, they still came together and cut another album together as KinKi Kids.
I was seriously sad that I wasnt aware of all these when it happened.

Even when I was in JC, due to many reasons, I also stopped listening to their songs once again.
All the way until I finished my A levels, then I started looking for their songs and videos and shows again.
And this year, I realised that they have already been together for 10 years.
This album was out in year 2007, and it was until now, 2009 that I realised that such an album existed.
I was 2 freaking years late.

However now that I had bought this album now, I watched the DVD of their concert, and there was this indescribable feeling that I felt.
This nostalgic feeling, this feeling of familiarity, this feeling of expectation.
And even though I dont understand what they were saying to their fans, I could feel the gratitude that they had to their fans.
And inside of me, I felt something too.
Something that made me happy, and made me feel ever so touched.

I guess nothing beats following a group or seeing the band that you have liked since young to be so successful huh?
After watching the concert, I told myself that from now on, I am going to follow KinKi Kids all the way, until I grow up, until they retire.
Just like how I am going to follow and support Lu Chen during this period of time when his career is finally at its peak.
I guess this is all that I, as a fan can do ba.. =)

Alright enough about such emotional thoughts.

The cover of the Album Ø (Love Koichi's (guy on the left) adam's apple!! )

The back of the cover. They closed their eyes LOL

Front view

Back view

Light in the darkness (OMG LOVE THIS PIC!!)

I duno what this is supposed to depict but my Koichi looks too shuai here already!!

And here too!! =X

Cuteness!! *faints*

Haha alright that's all for the pictures that were available in the album haha
Well personally after listening to the album, I realised that there are some songs that I really really liked
And the meanings of those songs are actually what I felt deep inside my heart.
And even if I didnt understand the lyrics of the songs
Just the music alone is enough to touch my heart.

In the next post I shall post this song called Edge of the Word
The lyrics are beautiful,
The song is beautiful, and the blending of their voices is beautiful
No doubt this is my favorite song of the month!

From the past when they 1st begun..

They grew closer..

And closer

And they grew older...

And older...

And older..(I love this pic because its poker cards lol and the way Koichi rolls his sleeves up really reminds me of my dearest Lu Chen! LOL)

They have really come a long long way...

A bond that is closer than brothers, closer than friends.
A special unspoken bond that lies between them.
I just pray that even from this day onwards, they will continue to have the time of their lives, for I know that there are millions of fans who will definitely want them to be happy.

"We cannot say "thank you" enough, so we let our music do the talking"
- KinKi Kids

KinKi Kids, わたしだいすきのばん (My beloved band)
The happiest duo ever..

Everybody sing with us,
KinKi Kids forever
We'll always be around,
Always stay together

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