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Bar, KinKi Kids and random stuffs

Its been sucha long long long time since I last updated again LOL
Well..many many things have happened since then eh
Recently started helping Sanji give out fliers for his blogshop LOL
Well I shall take this chance to advertise for him as well =D

As you guys can see,
We have various brands up for grabs!
All these are definitely original, which will come with the box as tag,
And they are all selling BELOW MARKET PRICE!!
Grab it or miss it! =D
Interested feel free to visit HERE!! ^^

Alright shall update about interesting stuffs
On last Friday, I met up with Jenmey at Jurong Point to post some letters
She had to mail her blogshop stuffs, and I had to mail my concealed cash to US for my KinKi Kids Magazine cuts! =D
After that she told me that she had been posted to work at a pub at Orchard Tower as a Black Jack dealer,
And she would be ALONE
So since I'm like so free I decided to accompany her to her workplace,
Since its quite dangerous for someone small like her to be there alone from 10pm-1am

Upon reaching the place, we had a FREAKING SHOCK
What the hell it is SO NOT A PUB CAN!
Its more like a BAR, a sleezy one at that!
And hence we sat down at the gambling table and waited for people to come with money to play.
Waa I tell you, sitting there is like sitting in front of your computer in your room,
At a porno website LOL
The only thing is all these are soft porn, and no sex is involved LOL
All the bar girls there are hooking up any guys that come along,
And started to 'entertain' them by sitting on their laps and doing some grinding ~.~
There was this particular table where the girl 'moved' on this indian guy for 1 WHOLE HOUR

Me and Jen were like saying the girl must be damm pissed LOL
Basket buy so little beer want me to 'grind' you for one hour LOLOLOL
After that still no one came to play Black Jack, which is a good thing la,
So we dont have to do anything LOL
After quite afew torturing hours,
This drunk old ang moh guy came and say that he wanted to play
However we told him that he will have to buy a Jack Daniel bottle in order to get the fake cash to play
But since he's drunk, he doesnt care and he kept taking out money and throw on the table,
Saying he want to play LOL

So the person in charge just humour him and gave him abit of money,
And told us to try and win back all the money
But I tell you, drunk people are STINKIN' LUCKY!
He kept winning whether issit by just one point or he got 21 points!
And his money just got more and more ~.~
Until a point where he got so high that he said to Jen
"If I win this round, I want you to TAKE OF YOUR BRA!!"
And he kept going "Woo~ woo~!" while doing the bra taking off action ~.~

Luckily for us, Jen's shift ended at 1am so by then we get to leave the place =D
And Jen was paid $60 for sitting inside a sleezy bar and watch constant soft porn 3D for 3 hours!!!!
But ok la its not very safe to be at this kind of place la~~ LOL

A photo to remember our adventure by~
Me and my short short hair LOL

After that we went for dinner at Shokudo at Cineleisure
And surprisingly on a Friday night, the place was DEAD EMPTY
I really wonder why.
Its a school holiday somemore

When we left we met Sihui! LOL
And we chatted for awhile, took a photo and left LOL

Today met up with Yiting at Jurong Point
Well had a very long chat, and we went off to shop abit
I bought a new wax for my hair LOL
Wanted to style it abit to keep it from going out of control HAHA
Apparently my hair is starting to curl and since I cant afford a straightener I will try to use wax to make it look nice T_________________________T

Afterwards we actually wanted to watch Angels and Demons,
But the time slot is only available at 9:10pm
So we decided we shall watch a movie the next time we go town =D
Hence we took 198 and I stopped at JE while she continued home
Went to Popular and bought a KinKi Kids album! Yay =D

This album is called iD album, which is also known as the I album
KinKi Kids albums are named alphabetically so this would be their 9th album hehe

The cover of the CD

The back. (I like how they duplicate many many of them and only made 2 of them stand out LOL)

My poor boys kena cut up T_____T

The tracks (Quite blur I know my scanner sucks T______T)

Tsuyoshi front and sides =D

Koichi's turn! Front and sides! =D (Handsome handsome handsome!)

Tsuyoshi emo-ing~~

Koichi's turn to look emo~~ (Dies of happiness*)

To end it off, KinKi Kids kena cut up again T_______________T

Hehe I know I know~
But well, last time I thought that I rather not buy their CDs because I can easily just download their songs.
But now, I felt that all these CDs are things that I will keep with me till I grow old,
And the pictures and everything inside are so nice!
And I wanna really support them hence I shall buy their CDs LOL
Somehow owning the CD does feel better than just downloading their songs off the internet hehe

And yesterday night I was listening to their songs in my room,
And guess what???
While I was arranging their CDs, I found a CD which doesnt have a cover.
And when I took the CD to see which album it belonged to,
I flipped it to the front and it was....

What a lovely surprise to find it hidden in between my KinKi Kids CD covers lar!!!
Well and this time I faster went to keep the CD in the original The Sims cover LOL!
In case I loose it again T______T

Well, all I can say is
KinKi Kids are full of lovely surprises ^^
Oh yea and currently,
In my room, I have Album A,B,C,D,E,I and Phi
Missing ones are Album F,G,H and 39 album
So my friends if you are feeling generous and wanna get something for me,
You know what to do ehs?
Muhahahaha Just Kidding~~

However in case you really really want to do it...
This is how the Albums look like HAHAHAHAHAHA

F album..

G album..

H album..

39 album (Currently am saving up to get this album)

LOL 39 album I feel is the album that is the most meaningful to me?
Because in this album, is to celebrate KinKi Kids' 10th anniversary together,
And 39, pronounced as San Kyuu, also sounded like Thank You,
Is dedicated to the fans, to thank them for their support for these 10 years.
Inside this album, there are 13 songs of Fans' favourite songs,
13 songs of Tsuyoshi's favourite songs,
And 13 songs of Koichi's favourite songs.
This great compliation costs around 100+ at HMV,
But I found it selling at $52 bucks at Music Junction at JP the other day.
So...saving up saving up!!! =DD

Alright I guess this will be the end of this super random entry,
And to end it off, I shall post a video of my beloved Lu Chen,
Whose birthday is coming...
And this trick is wooo wooo =DD
Alright enjoy! =D
接下來就是见证奇迹的时刻!! ^^

PS: I love the last last effect!! And he's still as cute as ever! ^^

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